Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fleeing The Grip

All y’all be sure to shoot up a word of prayer for Mikee and (my name) Peggy.  They have cut through the snow bars and slipped out of the grips of the Maine Winter Prison System thereby enacting their Great Escape plan.  The hounds of Winter Present are barking closely at Winne’s heals as they are fleeing Southwestward.  Their goal is to make it past “Jerzee Shores” and collect a couple hundred days of hiding out in a warmer climate.   However, this is going to be a real tricky situation as Old Man Winter is calling in “More Snow” reinforcements from the Wicked Witch of the Northwest.  They could get caught and locked away in the Snow Slammer once again by the Jerzee Winter Warden if they linger too long.  They’re not in Maine any longer Toto, but the question is, “Will they make it to freedom?”  We’ll have to continue monitoring the situation closely and keep y’all apprised (or you could check it out for yourself at Maineiacs In Motion).

Tomorrow we’ll share our plans for the rest of 2011 as well as our future RVing plans, stay tuned.

Take Care Until We Meet Again - - - -    

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  1. We really do enjoy your writing, Darrell, and look forward to seeing what your future travel plans look like. Would love to cross paths again!