Monday, November 28, 2011

Chronicles Of The Latchkey Katts

Little Orphan Katie here.  Once upon a time, and not too awfully long ago, we had two wonderful humanoid parents; does anyone know where they are?  They go wheeling outta here in the wee hours of the morning leaving Alex and I alone all day to handle things on the home front.  Then they return again to only sit and stare into space.  They both moan and groan.  Dad puts the heating pad on his back and shoulders while mom keeps pumping Advil.  What’s Valium?   They both claim they need it – bad!!!!

We hear they are playing the w*rk game, whatever that is.  I’m quite sure it is not something that we katts would be very interested in.  When we need stuff, all we have to do is wish upon a star.  You know,  

“When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you
It will come to you”

Our food comes from an endless supply in the pantry, so it’s not necessary for us to enter into that w*rk game kind of torture.  All we have to do is meow a couple of times, click our heals together, and do the purr thing, then we get what ever we want.  Aren’t humanoids great?  Every katt should own one or two. 

Anyhow, Mom’s whooping dad at the w*rk game.  In ten hours she inventoried 1407 bins to dad’s 1345.  Both have a 99.3% accuracy rating and are exceeding the goal of 125 bins an hour.  I wonder if there are any katt toys in them thar bins?  They say that Amazon stocks anything that you can think of or want.  Got any katt nip?

Oh well, it time for us to take up our duty of keeping the home fires burning while the old folks go back to the salt mines (is that the same as the w*rk game?).  Hurry home before our bowls need filling.  Oh yes, mom says to give Norm and Linda a thanks for the Well Pads, but I think they might be needing more.

Many purrs to you and if you happen to see our mom and dad wandering the street, send them home where they belong.



  1. dont' worry Katie Mom and dad will be home little furballs are doing an excellent job of keeping the home fires burning...