Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Finally our fourth ten hour w*rk day came to an end on Monday.  We were both out of gas by the 1330 break and operated on fumes until about fifteen hundred hours, then it was coasting on empty for the rest of the day (until sixteen hundred and thirty hours).  Whew, we made it through our first week of 10 hour days!!!  In order of celebration we met with nine other CamperForce fulltiming friends at Gatti’s Pizza Buffet in beautiful downtown Campbellsville.  We were all tired, but still had enough left in us to gather together for chatting, chewing, and chuckling.  It was good to return to a little bit of our normal fulltiming lifestyle of fun, food, and fellowship.

Yesterday it was “Baby it’s cold outside” (36* and spitting sn*w every now and then), but a trip to the Due Dirty Laundry was a necessity.  We had done our daily household chores (which were put on hold for the past four days) before heading to the laundromat.  After finishing the laundry, we came home for some rest and relaxation. 

But first, we made a trip to the back yard to cut down a Christmas tree, a trip to the basement to get out some of our Christmas decorations, and fine tuned the FM radio to Christmas music.  Then we decorated the house for the Christmas Season.  After we finished decorating, we threw another log on the fire in the fireplace, whipped up some hot chocolate with additive in it, put on our PJ’s, and wrapped up in our cuddle blankets in the recliners with our Nooks (don’t tell Amazon).  With Katie cuddled up on her blankie and Alex stretched out on the braided rug in front of the fireplace; why, Currier and Ives couldn’t have come up with a homier Christmas scene.

Here are some pictures of our decorations.  First, and foremost, is the Christmas Tree.  There’s a shot with flash and without flash.  Pretty darned nice looking tree isn’t it?  It always looks nice when Judy finishes with it, but just wait’ll Alex gets done with it.

 DSCF8502   DSCF8503

Here’s Katie inspecting the coffee table to ensure everything is in proper order there.  Notice that she has a cuddle blanket too.  Yes, that is her blanket, mom crocheted it for her.  Now Alex wants one, but he’ll have to wait until we get back to Rainbow Plantation.


Here’s Judy’s ragdoll snowman and a few of our hanging glass ornaments with pictures of Grand children in the background.


And, no Christmas scene would be complete without a sleigh and some reindeer.  The reindeer are out in the pasture grazing and the sleigh is waiting to get some gifts from Santa’s workshop (or is that 


We do need to find a place for a Nativity Set because if you take Christ out of Christmas, what do you have left?   He’s the reason for the season.  But still, 

“It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
Ev'rywhere you go”

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - - -


  1. glad you made it through the work stretch...lovely decorations..looks like you folks are ready and waiting...I could kissy Katies face off...shes so cute....