Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hobgoblins And Major Progress

Where did this motley crew come from?  Oh no, tell us it’s not so!!!  These are our grand children?  Couldn’t be!!!  Our grand kids are sweet and lovable, well behaved, and nicely dressed; these kids are just a bunch of hobgoblins.  We think we can Trick ‘em though, that way we can keep the Treats for ourselves.


Progress has been made, the Man Quilt is all sewed up.  It just needs the intensive cutting job to “fringe” all the loose ends around each block and the entire perimeter of the blanket.  I gave it a trial run, it’s just as warm and cuddly as I had anticipated.  Notice the thumb in my mouth.


Also, the Entertainment Center Mod has been completed.  Here are the before and after shots.  The modifications allow the television to be pulled out and turned although it generally remains has you see it.  We had to complete the modifications before “hitting” the road because we needed to be able to lock the TV in place.  See the slide locks on the face plate?  They keep the TV from sliding out while going down the road. 

DSCF5782    DSCF5785

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Mall in Spanish Fort to fill in the gaps in our Christmas shopping.  We now have just a couple items left to pick up when we get to Tennessee and few more that we’ll order from Amazon once we get to Kentucky.  Then, TA-DA, the 2011 Christmas shopping will be behind us.  Hooray for our team!!

After running around hither and thither we bumped into “Feed Me” so a pit stop was made to Olive Garden where Judy had the chicken parmesan and I had my old stand by, spaghetti with Italian sausages.  As always, there was plenty of salad and bread sticks.  By the time we were finished with the meal, there was no room for dessert. 

Now it’s onto another quick wash of the rig and the truck, airing up the tires, picking up the yard, and we’ll be on our way come bright and early Monday morning.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - - -


  1. Nice job on the entertainment center! But it looks like a great job on the man quilt! It's gonna be hard to get you outa that recliner once the temp drops under 70 degrees.

  2. Nice quilt. Looking forward to seeing you guys next week. Safe travels.

  3. That quilt will come in handy later on, I'm sure. Nice work on the entertainment center modifications. You both do good work!

  4. nice travels...I have one ready for the frames..and can't wait to get it loaded in..:) The hand quilting is my favorite part..

  5. The kids are too cute! I'm sure they got lots of candy. Love the "man quilt" too.