Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Play Day

A quick entry this morning to say that we’ve been having lots and lots of fun with our playmates here at the Plantation.  Yesterday we were invited to dinner at Jim and Ellie’s.  Jim prepared a wonderful pork loin on the charcoal grill while Ellie had baked squash, a garden salad, and rice.  Judy brought a cranberry bread – it was all good.  But, the best part, as always, was the time spent with special friends.

Dick and Pat came rolling in yesterday afternoon, so we stopped by to say “welcome home” to them and met their next door neighbors – George and Dottie.  I think I can remember their names since my Dad’s and Mom’s names were George and Dottie.  Anyhow, it was good to see Dick and Pat and Sassy (a bichon puppy) once again.  They’ll be leaving before Christmas so we won’t see them again this year.

We must be popular because we had another invite last night to Norm and Linda’s for appetizers and drinks.  Bill and Diane were there as well.  It was another great evening with our Rainbow Plantation Family.   Norm and Linda presented us with a Kentucky Survival Kit (pictures tomorrow) for our time at “Camp Bellsville”.   Thanks guys, we’ll probably need most of those items after our first day (maybe after the first two hours).

This morning will be church.  Randy and Terry should arrive somewhere close to noon time.  We’ll go somewhere to grab a bite and catch up (yes, Mike, Big Daddy’s is a possibility).  Dang, wish we weren’t leaving.  All our friends are returning to the roost, but a man’s (woman’s) gotta do what a man’s (woman’s) gotta do.  We’ll get back to share in the good times once again in January and February.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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