Friday, November 11, 2011

Santa’s Little Helpers

Well, it has become time to get up and go to w*rk.  Yep, w*rk!!!  That four letter word that us retirees try awfully hard to avoid.  W*rk, something that has become quiet foreign to us.  Hopefully we’ll remember how to do it.  It’s not necessarily like riding a bike – you can forget how.  Anyway, we’ll be making our way two and a half hours north.  We plan to arrive at Green River Lake State Park at 11:11 this morning (get it – 11:11 on 11-11-11).

Elementary my dear Wilson or rather Wilson Elementary.  We had lunch with grand daughter Catia at her school which is, you guessed it, Wilson Elementary.  Man, those kids can be loud.  The lunch room monitors had to keep turning the lights off.  “When the lights are off there’s no more talking!!”  So we either had to eat with it being so loud that you couldn’t hear yourself think or eat your mystery food in the dark.  It was all fun and G-pa didn’t get sent to the “naughty table”, however, he was told that the next time he visits he should just go there to sit.

Next we managed to pick up the last couple items for our Christmas shopping.  Oops, we still have one more item to find – a Dora Puppy.  That’s not going to be easy.  You know how there’s always one elusive item on the list to find?  Well, that puppy is it, but if there’s one to be had G-ma will find it.

We finished up the day at Matt and Jackie’s saying good bye to the three little munchkin faces.  They think that we’re on our way to the North Pole to help load up Santa’s sleigh for his Christmas run.  They, also, know that we’ll be back to spend Christmas morning with them, but we may have to use our truck to haul Santa’s sleigh if the reindeer get sick.  It’s always good to be someone’s hero.

“Head ‘em up, roll ‘em out!”   It’s time to hitch up the mule to the wagon and head just plain north.  See ya from Campbellsville, Kentucky.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - - - 

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