Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why Attend The 4 O’clock Social?

Rainbow Plantation, as well as all Escapee Parks, hold a four o’clock social time each day to welcome new arrivals, pass on information regarding happenings in the park/area, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and share a few stories.  For us it has been a serendipitous event as we have made lots and lots of new friends at these gatherings.

We don’t remember what year, but it was at a four o’clock social that we met Gene and Judi Curp and over the years a great friendship has evolved.  Yesterday afternoon we met up with them once again for an early afternoon meal at Demos’ Family Restaurant in Lebanon, Tennessee. 

It’s been almost a year since we last got together which just happened to be at Demos’.  At that time they had just purchased a class C motorhome and were getting ready to travel the Blue Roads To Hiking Trails (their blog).  Since then they have followed those blue roads all the way to Alaska and back so, needless to say, they had plenty to share with us.


The meals were great, always are at Demos’, but the company was the best.  It was fun catching up with them once again and hearing the stories surround their adventure. 

Judi said they were inspired by Norm and Linda’s Survival Kit and had to bring us a gift to help us get through the stint.


And guess who has to get into the picture?


After the meal, the four of us pointed our noses southward to our home where Judy had prepared some frosted brownies.  I had picked up some nice Mayfield Butter Pecan ice cream to serve on top and the coffee was brewing.  So our evening continued with discussions around travel, fulltiming lifestyle, class C motorhomes, and fifthwheels. 

Great company, good discussions, and plenty of laughter – before we knew it, it was time to part company; always a sad time.  We had a great evening together and thanks Gene and Judi for the gift.  We’ll get together again at Rainbow Plantation after Christmas, can’t wait.   

So, now you know why you owe it to yourself to attend the 4 o’clock socials at Rainbow Parks.  There are lifetime friendships to be made.

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  1. We have found that to be so true. We met a dear lady at Raccoon Valley last year. Caught up with her in Benson AZ where she also stayed at the park there. We will meet up again with her in February.

    We plan on being at the Rainbow sometime in January. It will be our first stop at this park.