Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Great Peanut Butter Caper

The price of fuel has been going up, medical costs have been going up, coffee prices have been going up, and, now, the price of peanut butter is going by as much as forty percent.  Now it’s getting personal.  Peanut butter is a staple; a necessity of life.  Someone has got to do something and do it quickly.  What is this life coming to when you can buy a Wendy’s hamburger for less than you can get a PB & J?  It’s just not right.

So, to all my fellow Americans out there in cyber space, write your congressman (woman) and let them know of your displeasure.  Rather than waste their time with hearings on HGH use in the NFL (let the legal system deal with that), encourage them to engage in the great Peanut Butter Caper and pass legislation that caps the price of Peanut Butter to the pre 1967 Israeli war. 

We need price wars.  Maybe Planter’s can undercut Skippy or Peter Pan can steal the show by reducing their price waaaay below Jif.  Instead of sending money off to businesses in China, Japan, Korea, etc., maybe our Gummint should bolster up the Peanut Butter industry right here in the good old USA with some kind of stimulus money.

There maybe a horrible economy, there maybe unemployment, there maybe homelessness, there maybe wars going on, but raising the price of Peanut Butter is taking things waaaay too far.  I can guarantee you that come November 2011 I’ll not vote for anyone who does not have a sound game plan for reducing the price of Peanut Butter.  This is an atrocity.  We must act now!!!!  Write your Senator, write your Congressman, write the President (he has kids, he’ll understand).  We need action and we need it now.  Don’t just sit there, don’t delay – Act Now!!!!!

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  1. My guess is former President Jimmy Carter may be the best person to get involved with this crisis. He has the understanding of the problem, and the political knowledge and contacts to accomplish something constructive here! (Unless maybe his brother is trying to corner the market on peanuts...thereby driving up the price.)

  2. We stocked up on Jif at our local warehouse market a couple of weeks ago. It's not hard to see the hand writing on the wall. I just wonder how much Jif is stockpiled in those underground bunkers in DC!! Maybe it's time to dip into those peanut reserves we know they have hidden somewhere. Maybe you need to start a new movement - No Peanut Butter..No Votes!