Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rainy Days In Paradise

It’s dark and rainy outside.  Here I sit, am I getting up or am I going to bed?  It’s hard to tell.  The last couple of days at w*rk were a little bit on the “ruff” side.  We were doing what is called “bin cleanup”.  The bins are on shelving stacked six shelves high (about seven feet high from bottom to top).  The scanner tells us which bin to count and it would send us to a bin at the floor level followed by one on the top shelf, then back to the floor level followed by another one on the top shelf.  You need to be on your hands and knees to count the bottom bins and on your step stool to count the top bin.  This made for a five hour aerobic bend and stretch program.  Thank God for Advil.

By the way, if any of you are wanting to read another prospective on w*rking at Amazon, then check out Karen’s blog – Wish Upon An RV Star.  Al and Karen, young fulltimers from Long Island, are staying here at Green River Lake State Park along with their fur kids Casey and Chelsea (an Irish Setter and Golden Retriever).  Al w*rks in AmCare as an EMT and Karen was w*rking in Receiving, but has just transferred to CrisPlant (a shipping department). 

Karen contacted us while we were at Cedars of Lebanon and told us to “text” her when we arrived.  I had to explain that we are old folks and don’t do the “text”, “tweet”, “twitter”, “twist”, or “twitch” thangSmile, but we would be in contact with them.  They’re great folks and we’re sure glad we got to meet them. 

It began raining Saturday night and hasn’t bothered to stop yet.  The weather dudes are giving us a 90% chance for rain today with some “severe” thunder storms so, I guess, it will be a play indoors day for little Darrell and Judy.   

As a kid, I sort of liked rainy days every so often.  We’d play inside our “bunk” house.  The summer that I was in the fifth grade, our dad built Mike and me a bunk house out behind the garage (it still stands there today).  We would sleep and play out there all summer long from early May to October.   Monopoly and Clue were favorite rainy day games.  Building model cars and airplanes were other favorite bunk house activities whether it was raining or not.  That bunk house maybe the very reason that I am so content in small quarters (i.e., recreational vehicles) to this very day.

Today, while it continues to rain outside, I get to spend time inside our Cedar Creek “bunk house” playing with my girl friend.  We’ll do a little cleanup of the house, make some beef stew, read in our Nooks, play some games, and/or watch some movies.  Instead of Monopoly, we have Sequence which we haven’t played in a long. long time.  It’s just so nice and warm and comfy in our little “bunk house” on this cold rainy fall day.  Yep, it’s still nice to have a rainy day every so often.

Norm, being from Kentucky, sent us a list of things to see around this area.  Hopefully tomorrow will clear up so we can make a day trip to one or two of the spots.  Before our time here at Green River State Park is complete, we hope to visit most of his suggestions and make some pictures to share with you.  Thanks for the list Norm.

If you remember, last summer the microwave portion of our convection/microwave oven crapped out so we’ve needed to replace it.  We found a replacement for $449 on Amazon last October and was “fixinto” (a Southern term meaning getting ready to begin to start) order it.  However, we learned that once we started w*rking for Amazon we’d get a 10% discount – which would mean a savings of almost forty-five bucks.  So we waited.  Well, Saturday I went on line to order said oven, but guess what?  Amazon no longer lists it. 

The good news is that we found that Home Depot can special order it for us for $388 plus we get a 10% veteran’s discount.  So, we did not hesitate to put it on order.  We’ll have to drive to Elizabethtown, Kentucky (50 miles away) to pick it up once it comes in, in about 15 days.  On top of everything else, we can take the old one to Home Depot to be recycled without having to pay a dumping fee.  All in all, that little transaction saved us over a hundred bucks even after considering the fuel to go pick it up.  See, good things do come to those who wait!!!

Well, “enuff” is “enuff” and I’ve rambled on “enuff”.  Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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  1. you are both going to have great waistlines from all the climbing and stooping to check those bins...excellent deal on the oven...enjoy your rest during the rainy days..!