Wednesday, November 09, 2011

It’s All About Grandkids

Mission accomplished!!!!  Yesterday was a very successful Christmas shopping day.  By noontime the mission was complete.  We just have a couple more items to get and hope that we can finish that up this afternoon as we head north to Lebanon.  Now, I think it is way too early to be doing Christmas shopping, but, being that we are heading off to w*rk at Amazon, we want to have it all behind us.

Just to keep our future options opened, we looked at a couple of Condominium communities.  One is an upscale project with brand spanking new condos with the smallest being just over 1300 square feet (they go up to almost 2000 sq. ft. – waaaaaay toooo much house for us).  The other is a 55 plus community with duplex homes that have a common wall between the garages.  But, neither project has the “it” factor; although, the duplexes were very nice.

We keep chasing that rabbit around the tree.  We like Rainbow Plantation for fulltime living better than any other place.  The fact that we have kids and brothers/sisters in Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Virginia makes it hard to pick a place to live permanently.  With everyone spread out like that, we need a house in each of those areas – or, we could just become fulltime RVers and visit each of those places each year.  Hey, wait a minute, that’s what we already are; maybe we don’t need a “house” at all!!!!!   Maybe we just need to keep doing what we’re doing!!!  Maybe!!!!

Jackie had an appointment for their car yesterday afternoon so G-ma and G-pa showed up at their place just after two to watch Kalina and Radek.  Catia was thrown off the bus out in front of the house at around three, so we had all three children for almost an hour.  Catia decided to whoop her G-ma at checkers while Kalina tried to help G-ma.  G-pa kept an eye on Radek the mobile unit while he managed to get into one thing right after another.  Fun, there’s nothing like Grand Kids to help keep one young.

This morning we are going to Kalina sit while Jackie takes Radek for a doctor’s appointment – Catia will be in school.  We’ll probably get to put together the Dora puzzle a zillion more times.  That’s seems to be Kalina’s new love. 

Well, that’s pretty much the state of the union from Murfreesboro, so

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -


  1. how nice you are having great visits with the grands..even if it is to baby sit and do puzzles a zillion times...they may keep us young but they sure tire us out...but its the best tired I've ever felt..:) enjoy..

  2. My grands are all older now but they still tire me out. All that energy!!! Nothing like it though.