Monday, November 07, 2011

It’s Time To Go :(

Yesterday was a busy day.  We attended church, stopped at Wally World to pick up some needed items, visited with Randy and Terry, stopped by to visit with Dick and Jody, did the final chores, and hitched up the wagon.

At four o’clock Randy, Terry, Judy, and I made tracks to Shrimp Basket for all you can eat shrimp.  It was yummy, but, as always, the visitin’ part was the best.  It’s soooooo gooooood to see these guys again.  We’re gonna miss ‘em, along with all of our Rainbow Plantation Family. 

The four of us made it back home in time to join in with the Ice Cream Social at the clubhouse.  With Gary and Millie back as managers, it was just like old times.  Larry (the cook) and Babs will be back on November 15th so things at Rainbow Plantation will be in full swing.  We can’t wait to get back here. 

Here are the promised pictures of the Kentucky Survival Kit that Norm and Linda put together for us.  It was a two package deal.


Note the nice looking combo RV / Houseboat complete with outboard floating down the Green River in Campbellsville, Kentucky.


And now for the contents  - Well Patches, Red Bull, Aleve, No Doz, Muscle Cream, and Leg Cramp pills in Package One of Two.  Brownies with walnuts and candy in Package Two of Two.  Now do you think we can survive the first day?  What will we do for the next five and three quarter weeks?  Oh my goodness!!!!

DSCF5793  DSCF5795

It’s now time that all good things come to an end and we haul up anchor and shove off – or in our case we unplug the utilities and haul assets.  We’re going to drive nine hours to get to Murfreesboro in one day just so we can have an extra day to spend with grand kids.  It’s a rough life, but someone has to do it.  So we’ll be off real early this morning in order to get to Cedars of Lebanon before darkness falls, which is real early now that someone messed with the clocks.

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date.  No time to say “Hello” “Goodbye”.  I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!!

So, we’re off.  See ya from Tennessee.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - - - -