Monday, November 14, 2011

A Different Kind Of Church Service

Yesterday morning we attended Church On The Eastern Shores in Fairhope, Alabama via the internet.  They “Live Stream” all three services; the 8:30, the 10:00, and the 11:30 services.  It sure is nice to have that option when you’re away from home.  Being that we have a strong signal from the Tengonet WIFI service here at the campground, we were able to watch the entire service with out any hiccups.  It wasn’t as good as being there in person, but met our need to gather with our church family and worship God.

The past two days have been extremely windy.  It began Friday night and has continued on until now.  The wind is strong enough to shake the entire house and, of course, rattles the slideout awnings making it rather noisy at times.  Hopefully we’ll get a break from the wind later today.

It all began on Friday and is slightly improved this morning.  Judy’s sinuses are acting up again.  Saturday night she had quite the fever and was a little feverish yesterday.  We had picked up some good old Nyquil when we did our grocery shopping which has seemed to help.  Today we’ll probably visit the clinic and see about some antibiotics.  We have to get her over this real fast.  Her tender little body won’t be able to deal with ten hours of w*rk while fighting off a sinus infection.

This afternoon we have our Amazon “meet and greet”.  We’ll find out the state of our lives for the next six weeks as they will let us know our assignments and shifts.  It really doesn’t look like we’ll be getting “stowing”; most likely “picking”. 

We received an email saying they were looking for volunteers from the “inbound” departments to work in the “outbound” departments.  Receiving and stowing are “inbound” activities while picking and shipping are “outbound” activities. 

Being that we’re just starting, we assume that “they” (whom ever “they” are) will just assign us to one of the “outbound” activities.  We already told them that we couldn’t stand in one place for ten plus hours, so that leaves picking (and grinning, but you don’t get paid for grinning).  We’ll know for sure by day’s end.

Katie and Alex have no idea that they’re about to become latchkey katts.  They’re not going to like us being away for ten to twelve hours a day.  Alex needs the attention while Katie just likes to have Mom and Dad around the house.  Neither one of them like to be left home alone for long periods of time.  But they both like that high priced katt food so it’s off to w*rk we go.  They, like us, will learn to deal with it.

Well, it’s off to do the laundry so we’ll catch you on the flip side.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -  


  1. Good luck at the meet and greet this afternoon..hopefully Alex and Katie will adjust over least they have each other :)

  2. That's an interesting way to attend church.