Friday, December 23, 2011

The Day Before The Day Before Christmas

All the Christmas gifts have been purchased, wrapped, shipped, and are where they are supposed to be.  Today Miss Judy wants to go shopping for a new pair of dress up casual slacks.  What better time to do that then the day before the day before Christmas.  We’ll head on over to the J. C. Penney store in the mall at Mt. Juliet.  While over that way, we’ll stop by our bank to drop off a boat load of money (yeah, right) that we accumulated from the Amazon Fulfillment and Spa Center in beautiful downtown Campbellsville.

Then what’s on the agenda for the rest of the day?  Who knows!!  Most likely getting all the goodies together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, a few household chores, some relaxing, and some reading in our Nooks.

Last night we baby sat for our three adorable Grand Kids while their parents went out to dinner and did some final Christmas Shopping.  They are such good little kids, can’t imagine why Katie and Alex have a hissy fit whenever they visit.  Radek is the youngest with two older sisters – he’s very, very good at being a younger brother.  He doesn’t take any guff from either of his sisters; actually, if there is any guff to be handed out, he’ll be the one handing it out.  But they were very good for G-pa and G-ma – we (G-ma) only had to referee a half dozen fights Smile.  Nah, not our Grand Kids; really, they were very good.

The past two years when we’ve been here for Christmas the temperatures have dipped below freezing.  Not so this year with the lows in the forties and the highs in the 50’s / low 60’s.  No complaints with that, however, it did rain all day yesterday, but that worked out just fine for us.  Katie and Alex were just plain ecstatic to have Mom and Dad at home all day.  Alex enjoyed helping with the Christmas present wrapping marathon (I’m not so sure how much enjoyment mom got out of it).

We’re slowly getting acclimated to Central Time once again.  It’s nice to sleep in in the morning and stay up a little later at night – heck we didn’t go to bed until after ten o’clock last night and slept through until six this morning.  It was nice to wake up naturally with Alex prancing up and down across our bodies rather than an alarm clock scaring the daylights into us.

Well, as you can tell, we’re just hanging out waiting for Ol’ Saint Nick to make his rounds so we can celebrate Jesus’ birth with our family – two more sleeps!!  Again, in all of our busyness, let’s take time to reflect on the real reason for the season.  The best gift of all has already been given, heaven has been secured, the Devil has been defeated, and a new earth is being established.  We’ve read the last chapter of the Bible and Jesus wins!!!

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -


  1. Have a fun visit with those kids and grand kids!

  2. Merry Christmas to y'all. Enjoy your family. In the words of our mutual friend, Norm Payne, we'll "see ya down the road".

  3. Merry christmas and enjoy your family...and your weather - it snowed here last night :(