Saturday, December 31, 2011

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

What can I say.  Another year, another year older.  Why is it that each year seems to get shorter?  Twenty-eleven flew past faster than twenty-ten which flew past faster than twenty-oh-nine which flew past faster than twenty-oh-eight, etc..  At this pace it won’t be long before we start celebrating back to back New Year’s Eves.

In any event, it’s time to say good bye to one year and welcome in the next.  We don’t really celebrate the event any longer, we got tired of waking up on the first day of the new year wondering who we were or what embarrassing thing we did the night before.  Also, it was a drag spending the first day of the new year being sick with self induced illnesses.

So now we just gather around with a few friends, have some appetizers, a little wine, a dinner, say “fare thee well” to the old year at around nine o’clock, turn the page on the calendar, and hit the hay.  When the sun rises we wake up alert and feeling great – a much nicer start to the new year.

Twenty eleven was a good year for us.  We began the year here at Rainbow Plantation enjoying the fine fellowship of our RVing family and our church family in the Summerdale area.  We hit the road in April spending time with our grand children in Tennessee and then making our way to Maine.  Our stay in Maine lasted three months this year with the first week in Topsham repairing our landing gear. 

Then we spent six weeks workamping at Wild Duck Campground where we got to worship with our old church family in Freeport.  After that stint, we moved back to the Fairgrounds in Topsham where Randy and Terry joined Mike and Peggy and us for a week of frolicking along the coast line while the six of us attempted to eat all of Maine’s seafood.

Next it was onto Belfast where we spent another four weeks with my brother Mike and his wife Shauna.  Marc and Amie joined us for a family vacation where we continued frolicking along Maine’s rugged coast.  Then it was onto Virginia with stops in New Hampshire for a grand kid fix, Connecticut for a visit with my aunt and cousins, and Pennsylvania to visit with Randy and Terry.

Mary and Joel have a nice place in Alexandria, Virginia where we joined them for a couple of outings – one to old Alexandria and the other to the Mall in Washington, D.C..  From there we turned northwest to spend a month in Michigan where we visited with Judy’s sister in Holly, her brother in the Petoskey area, and Ray and Pat in Mecosta.  Our oldest son lives in Grand Rapids so we had several visits with him as well.

We returned to the Plantation by way of Tennessee (for another grand child fix) at the end August for some doctor’s appointments.  Then the idea of workamping at was hatched so we pulled up stakes and headed to beautiful downtown Campbellsville, Kentucky in early November.  We finished the year by spending Christmas with our children and grand children in Murfreesboro, Tennessee before making our way home to Rainbow Plantation to usher in the New Year.

We wish you all a very -


Happy New Year

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