Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Great Escape

Our microwave/convention oven is in at the Home Depot store in Elizabethtown (E-town) so tomorrow has been designated as pick up day.  Judy asked if there are any quilting shops in E-town to which I stated that I had no idea.  She is exhibiting quilting withdrawal symptoms and is in need of that new fabric smell from a quilting store.  She was beginning to miss all her friends at Rainbow Plantation, but we got an email from Norm that set her heart at ease.

Its sort of boring here with the same old stuff going on and on and on.....

Larry's delicious meals, group outings to Big Daddy's, Road Kill, movie nights, dozens of crafts, quilting group making over 200 baby blankets and over 250 baby hats, ice cream followed by a dance band, deck the halls (clubhouse) for Christmas, bus trip to Bellingrath Gardens, more eating out groups, kite flying, etc.....

Just the same old stuff with temperatures in the 70s during the day and 60s at night.

Boring, boring, boring...

Be glad you're not here.


Man, are we ever glad that we don’t have to put up with all that mundane monotony going on at RP.  Everyday is an adventure here in beautiful downtown “Camp Bellsville” and the Amazon Spa Center.  We get to count new bins everyday.  Kneel down, bend over, step up – and they mix up the routine, never the same exercise routine day after day.  Also, we get to play with a high tech scanner, almost as good as the Star Wars light sabers.  And we get our own cart to push around as well (just as soon as we look all over hell’s half acre to find one).  Furthermore, we get to walk all over the place and see new scenery, not the same old houses on East / West Indigo or Sienna in the Plantation.  Yep, we are indeed the lucky ones to have escaped all that redundancy.

But all good things have to come to an end.  Today we have to take three whole days off from all that fun.  Why, we don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves.  I guess we’ll just have to sit here, with one arm as long as the other, looking at each other’s pointed little heads.  Dang, don’t ya just hate it when that happens.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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  1. Hey Darrell, there's plenty to do here right now. We can watch the lake rise and rise ever closer to the campsites!