Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It’s All About Grand Kids

Wow, are we out of sync with the “real” time.  After leaving beautiful downtown Campbellsville it was only a matter of a few miles before we crossed back into Central Time.  That means that we gained an hour but it gets darker a whole hour earlier here in Lebanon, Tennessee than we are used to.  Plus, with the hours we were keeping (in bed by eight and up at four), we’re all messed up.  Add to that a w*rk week that ran from Friday to Monday we don’t even know what day it is.  Good thing we have a day clock to straighten us out.

The final act of hitching up and pulling out is to put in the slides.  The bedroom slide came in, the entertainment center slide came in, but the main slide wouldn’t budget.  “Oh Shucks!!!!”  (or something like that)  I told my bride to try it again and I’d push on it a little to see if that would get things started – nothing.  As a last effort I shut the hydraulic valves off to the other two slides and told Judy to push the button to extend the main slide.  She did that and the slide moved outward about a half inch.  Then I told her to go ahead and see if it would come in.  It worked, in came the slide.  “Phew!!”  What a relief.

It took us about two hours and forty-five minutes to make the trip and the rain held off until we got positioned in our site.  I used the bottle jacks to raise up the front of the RV to level, dropped the leveling leg extenders, and lowered the rig onto the leveling legs.  Then I released the air from the air bags on the truck which lowered the truck bed low enough to drive out from under the rig.  It really wasn’t as much work as I had envisioned and buying a second bottle jack proved to be a good idea.

The Katts are happy to have their Dad and Mom back.  They seem so much more relaxed here in Cedars of Lebanon than at Heartland’s Gravel Pit, Parking Lot, and RV Resort.  We were packed in so close that they were feeling a little claustrophobic.  Cedars of Lebanon provides spacious sites with trees, something  you take for granted until you live with walking space only between rigs.  So we now have a couple of Happy Little Campers once again.

So we are here for a week and we began our stay by spending a little time with the Grand Kids last evening.  Catia was in my lap almost before my butt hit the chair.  Kalina was still napping so Grandma had to go get her up.  “Read to me, grandma.”  Radek was a little offish until we got settled in then he crawled up next to Grandma so she could play.  Yep, it’s all about Grand Kids!!!!  This is an exciting time of the year to spend with Grand Children and we’re looking forward to seeing them around the tree on Christmas morning.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -

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