Sunday, December 04, 2011

We’re All Hanging In There

Well, it’s been back to w*rk now for the past couple of days.  We’ve finally hit the half way mark and now only have ten 10 hour shift days left to go (maybe 11 if we have to stay and w*rk on the 23rd).  We’ve managed to get into the groove, but we’re not saying that it’s not tiring.    

Anyway, we are becoming quite the contortionists with all the positions that we need to get into to count bins.  A good thing about this flexibility program is that should we ever encounter a nuclear war, we are now limber enough to bend over with our heads between our legs and kiss our hinnies good bye.  Also, I can scratch the back of my head using my foot which comes in extremely handy when both hands are busy.

The weather has been mild – emphasis on the word “has”.  The old weather dudes are calling for “more seasonable” weather conditions in the next few days which means colder temperatures with the possibility of sn*w showers – yuck.  Here’s hoping that we get some good weather for our days off beginning Tuesday.

By the way, Katie and Alex are hanging in there.  They’re not thrilled about our long absences, but are figuring out the routine.  Alex saves his energy so he can act up once we get home.  He loves to get up in the recliner next to his mom and beg for her attention.  Katie gives us the cold shoulder for awhile and then comes around for her attention.  At least they don’t think they’re orphan katts anymore.

So, I guess what can be said is that we’re all hanging in there.  Can’t wait for Christmas break, though, bringing forth our former freedoms.  “The sun’ll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar . . . . !”

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - - - -

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  1. glad your surviving w*rk..maybe after all this training you could be acrobats :) at the next gig...seriously tho its nice to see you putting a comic spin on it I can just see you scratching your head with your foot...hang in there your days off are coming....