Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No Ups Or Downs Here!!

Sadly, it’s a no go!!  The leveling jacks did not have any broken parts, however, something is misaligned somewhere.  I did a “field strip” of the left jack (the one with the drive motor and transmission) and there was no visible damage, but there is way too much play in the motor mounting.  Both jacks go up and down freely with no weight on them, but once reassembled with the RV weight on them the same problem exists – no ups or downs.

So, I will have to manually raise and lower the rig using our hydraulic jack.  It will be slow and tedious, but I will only have to do it to connect up here in beautiful downtown Campbellsville and then to disconnect and reconnect again at Cedars of Lebanon State Park.  Once we’re back in ‘Bama, we’ll just set the trailer up on cement blocks and park a couple of junk cars out front Smile.  Anyway, then I can pull the leg apart and do a complete overhaul, maybe even a redesign.  All I want for Christmas is an HWH leveling system.

While reassembling the jacks, I dropped a screw and where it went I know not.  Of course, I didn’t have any replacements in my maintenance box, so off to the hardware store I went.  When I was inside the “box” I had the “wear-with-all” to check and see if I had all the parts needed to fix the stairs.  I didn’t, so those got added to the list along with replacement florescent lights.  So, by day’s end, all of my maintenance chores were completed even though the jacks still “ain’t” w*rking.

Judy was a good little girl and got her w*rk done as well so by one o’clock it was nap time (when you get up and start your day in the middle of the night then a nap gets added to the afternoon agenda).  After our nap, I finished working on the stairs.  With our sore joints, I’m beginning to think we might need to install an escalator along with the HWH leveling system.  I’m sure that we’d get a “rise” out of that (sorry, again, I just couldn’t resist the pun).

Okay, just a little katt news.  Both katts were happy to have us around all day.  Judy never did go outside the house and Alex managed to follow her everywhere she went.  Katie laid on the sofa smiling while keeping an eye on both of us.  Little do they know that some grooming is headed their way on Thursday.  I’m sure battle lines will be drawn, but dad always wins.  Their claws are just like needles and need to be trimmed.  Whenever they walk through the house they look like Pig Pen in the Peanuts cartoon strip with fur trailing out behind them, so a good brushing is in order.  Now don’t you go telling them, I want to sneak up on them and do the deed quickly before they know what hit ‘em.

We “stood” in bed until 0545 hours this morning.  Later today we’ll do the Wally World thing. This afternoon we’re going on a luncheon with our fellow fulltime RVing and Amazon Fulfillment and Spa Center co-w*rkers.  At least there’s life after w*rk!!!  We may not be as good as we once were, but we’re still as good once as we ever were!!!!!! 

Be sure to hang in there, take care, and thank God for this beautiful world that He created for us to live in.  And thank God for His Son, Jesus, who’s the reason for this season.  Through Him is eternal life for all who believe in Him and follow Him.

Until Next Time - - - - -


  1. I won't tell the Katts whats your secret is safe with me :)...hopefully you get those jacks figured out...have fun at the luncheon...we are thankful every day...he is definitely the reason for the season...glad to hear you 'stood' in bed :)...should have stood there a little longer..but I know once you get into the regiment of getting up early its hard to get past that...have a super day

  2. I can't help with the jacks but I thought I'd share something that works well with our cat for getting rid of the hair clumps. She hates being brushed and "Yes" she has her claws. We found that she really enjoys it when we run a lint roller (you know those things with the tear off sheets of tape like material) over her. She gets so excited I'm afraid she's having kitty orgasms. (grin) By the way, I've posted a story about how she came to live with us and how she earned her name. You can read it at