Friday, December 09, 2011

Engineers And Brackets

Finally the sun made its appearance.  Here is the sun rising over the Amazon Fulfillment and Spa Center here in beautiful downtown Campbellsville as seen from our livingroom window.  Amazon is that big white thing just under the sun. 


It was brrrrr cold outside and the truck was covered with frost from head to toe.  When we leave here, we plan to drive far enough south that when we hold up the ice scrapper the natives say, “What’s that?”  Then we’ll back the rig in and hook ‘er up for the rest of winter.

We left the Heartland Gravel Pit, Parking Lot, and RV Resort at nine hundred hours.  Thurman and Phyllis joined us for our trip to E-town, but first we made a stop at the Post Office so Judy could ship the Christmas gifts that she and Alex wrapped up yesterday.  Then the four us made a pit stop for a nice greasy spoon breakfast.

Along with picking up the microwave/convection oven, we made stops at Goodwill, Uniquely Yours Quilt Shop, and McDonald’s for a buck soft drink.  Judy got a whiff of some new quilting fabric and picked up a couple of items whether they were needed or not.  It was great weather, with great company, and a great little trip.

So,  Jeopardy answer, “Not a snowball’s chance in extremely hot places!!!”  “What’s, what are the chances of a one for one swap out for the new microwave/convection oven, Alex?”  I have to ask, “What is it with engineers and brackets?”  “Is it job security or what?”

When I was in manufacturing, if there was a design hold up it was due to some bracket change.  I’d go to Engineering and say, “We’ve got 2 million, 943 thousand, 213 brackets in our data base and the supply chain is drowning in brackets, can’t you use one of those?”  “Nope, won’t work, need a new one!”

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the new microwave/convection oven “needed a new one” along with a different hole pattern in bottom of the cabinet.  That still wouldn’t have been so bad except the template “they” provided for locating the holes in the cabinet had them a half inch off location.  After taking measurements of the microwave/convection oven and elongating the holes I had to use washers to keep the screw heads from pulling through the cabinet bottom.  Anyway, the microwave/convection oven is installed along with it’s “new bracket” so now we can heat up a cup of water again.  Now onto those danged leveling jacks.

Today is Monday-Friday, so it’s back to the salt mines for another illustrious week of w*rk – eight more w*rk days to go counting today.  At least we are down to single digits, now if only our bodies will hold out we’ll be rich – well, richer anyway.  So it’s, Hi Ho, Hi Ho - - -

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - - - -

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