Wednesday, December 07, 2011

How High’s The Water Mama?

The Green River Lake is a reservoir and the level is controlled by a Corps of Engineers dam.  Over the past few weeks we’ve gotten more than our fair share of rain plus north of us “they” have gotten even more rain which means that the tributaries that feed the Green River are working overtime.  All of which results in the Green River Lake State Park being on the verge of flooding.  When we returned home from w*rk on Monday-Friday, we had a letter from the park office advising us that we may have to move to higher ground (as in another campground); they’re not sure yet, but we may have to if the water continues to rise.

Well, being the conscience folks that we are, and not wanting to get a point for missing a day of w*rk Smile, we decided to move rather than tread water.  As it turned out the Heartland Gravel Pit, Parking Lot, and RV Resort had four open sites – one for Scott and Valerie, one for Jeff and Marsha, one for Thurman and Phyllis and one for Darrell, Judy, Katie, and Alex.  So, it will be “Wagons Ho!!” as we all caravan five miles north of here later today to rendezvous at the gravel pit.  Rendezvousing at a gravel pit reminds me of high school days only a case of beer was involved, but that’s another story.

Miss Judy is ecstatic.  She will have a full hookup 50 amp site high on a hill where she will be able to stand in the shower until the hot water runs out, wash clothes in her own washer-dryer, have a couple more television stations to watch, as well as have a good internet connection (hopefully).  Wow, all the comforts of home – no more ruffin’ it.  We might even have to extend our stay here at the Amazon Fulfillment and Spa Center in beautiful downtown Campbellsville (yeah, right!!).

Other than that exciting news, Judy attempted to wrap Christmas gifts yesterday afternoon while Alex lent her a paw, especially with the ribbon part (need all the help you can get with that).  I’m not sure if he’s a help or a hindrance, but for some reason he got “the look” and was promptly deposited into my lap for containment.  “I don’t think your help is appreciated, Alex.  You’d better keep your paws to yourself.”

I pulled the old microwave/convection oven out so we can take it with us to Home Depot tomorrow (they will dispose of it for us).  Hopefully the new one will be a “one for one swap” – what do you suppose the chances for that are?  We’ll see.  The one we had was an Amana and the one we are replacing it with is a Maytag; same manufacturer, same unit, you know, like Buick and Pontiac.  Hopefully the parts are interchangeable.  My buddy, William, and I once put a 1955 Packard automatic transmission into a 1953 Packard that had a standard transmission with the same bolting pattern and everything (a six pack of beer was involved here).  That’s what I’m looking for; a 2006 Amana and a 2011 Maytag having the same bolting pattern (and, maybe, a couple of beers).

Well, we need to go and pack our bags, hook up the mule, circle the wagons, and put some pavement under our wheels.  See you tomorrow from beautiful downtown Campbellsville – yep, we’ll be townies from now on.  Right across the street from our J-O-B in beautiful downtown Campbellsville, how convenient is that???

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -


  1. Yup - Judy and Peggy -Two 50 Amp - Full Hookup - RV Princesses.

  2. wooo hoo lots of power and closer to w*rk...way to go townies