Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Galilean Home

The Galilean Home is located on a mountain top about 12 miles south of Liberty, Kentucky.  The Home was founded by Jerry and Sandy Tucker, a Mennonite couple who had relocated to Kentucky from Michigan.  Here’s an excerpt from the Galilean Home Shepherd, the Home’s newsletter.

“After several unsuccessful years of trying to start their own family the couple was able to adopt a three and a half month old boy with medical problems who had been given up by his teenaged mother.  They have been unable to say no since.  ‘I don’t thing God gave me time to think about it.  We took every child God sent us.’ says Sandy, more commonly referred to as mom.  ‘One person’s pain is another person’s joy.  I get joy out of it.’  Over 800 children, including 500 newborns have been rescued from their fate by the compassionate and caring hearts of Sandy and Jerry Tucker who founded the Galilean Home Ministries, Inc. in 1984, nine years after it was first envisioned.”

In 1992 the couple opened a Christian bookstore in downtown Liberty.  It wasn’t actually a success so they added several tables and began serving soup and sandwiches and in 1995 the Bread Of Life Café was born.  “Opportunity opened the door in July of 2001 to move out of downtown to the main highway 127, five miles south of Liberty.  The Bread Of Life Café is now a 150 seat destination restaurant where tours and church groups enjoy a down home buffet, famous homemade rolls, baked goods, and southern hospitality.” 

Yesterday afternoon Scott, Valerie, Jeff, Marsha, Thurman, Phyllis, Judy, and I made a 30 mile trek to the Bread Of Life Café and we can attest to all of the above claims, especially the southern hospitality part.  The Café is run by the “family”, that is the teenage and adult children of the Galilean Home, with the proceeds going toward the Home’s operation.  They even offered us “seniors” a 10% discount.

Liberty is surrounded by hills and valleys and I’d bet that it would be extremely beautiful during the summer and fall.  The trees were mostly barren and the day was overcast which somewhat diluted the beauty during this winter’s day.  But, we enjoyed the drive about the area.

Other than that, we did our bi-weekly grocery shopping, made a quick trip to the Taste of Home store for some more soup starter, and had one of our propane tanks filled.  Today is a rainy day so we are going to stay inside this morning to do some household chores and read.  This afternoon we are going to visit some Amish shops in Lebanon, Kentucky with Thurman and Phyllis.

We received an email from Amazon HR stating that the “I Shift”, which is our shift, will be done w*rk on the 19th.  That means that we’ll be on the road heading south on Tuesday.  Four more days of w*rk and then we’ll be retired souls once again.  That is until mid June when we start w*rking at Hearthside Luxury Motorcoach Resort in Michigan.  As you all well know, after spending Christmas with our kids/grandkids in Tennessee, we’ll be making tracks to Summerdale, Alabama and Rainbow Plantation.  Home again, home again.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -


  1. the work stint is almost done...and no matter how tired you both were it seems you also found time and energy to enjoy some of the safe south :)

  2. Interesting story about the Galilean Home. What a blessing those folks have been to so many.