Thursday, December 08, 2011

How Long Can You Tread Water?

By 10:00 AM the four of us were on the road heading just plain north for the gravel pit rendezvous.  Here are some photos to give you some prospective of the flooding river/lake.  As you can tell, it was an overcast, cold, damp, penetrating day.  A stay inside, PJ day if we ever saw one.

The first picture is looking out the rear window of our slide out; that area was all field when we arrived at the State Park.  The next picture is looking out of our door across Thurman and Phyllis’ rig; quickly becoming waterfront property.

DSCF5817 DSCF5818

This is the site just the other side of Thurman and Phyllis’ site.  It really is waterfront property; you could step out the door and go swimming.  And the last picture is the lake forming behind our rig; you can see the parking lot on the other side beginning to flood.

DSCF5820 DSCF5819

So, we traded this - -


For this - -


In order to avoid this - -


The bad part of making the trip from the State Park to the Gravel Pit was that there wasn’t anyone willing to prepare a travel day meal for us.  So we dined on toasted cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate.  Fine dining at its very best.

After getting the coach lifted up to drive the truck out from underneath, the leveling jacks broke again.  We got the truck out, but couldn’t lower the front of the rig to level it.  Fortunately we are not too far out of level, but now I have a job to look forward to next weekend.  Hope it warms up or, at least, isn’t raining.  We’ll repair the leveling system again, but when we get back to the plantation we’ll totally rebuild the entire system – there’s gotta be a better way.  Another six weeks at the Amazon Fulfillment and Spa Center and we could earn enough money to install a brand spanking new leveling system, just like the big boys (motorhomes) have.  “How about it Judy?”  “I didn’t think so!!!”

Alex and Judy have finished wrapping all the Christmas gifts for Brian, Marc’s family, and Mary/Joel.  They are all ready to go to the Post Office this morning.  Good job, you two.  Judy couldn’t have done it all by herself so it was good that she had her little elf to lend a helping paw as needed, or not needed.  I should have videoed the event – it would have been a hit on You Tube.

DSCF5830 DSCF5829

Well now.  Today it’s off to E-town to get the microwave/convection oven that we were going to pick up yesterday.  Thurman and Phyllis are going to ride along with us.  We’ve really enjoyed having them along with us during this journey through the Amazon.  We’re going to miss them once we part company in a couple more weeks.  What a great couple; they’re fulltime RVers, why wouldn’t they be? 

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - - -


  1. Higher ground with less IT factor is a good place to be unless you have the automatic emergency floatation option on the RV.
    Be sure to post the leveling fix so us 'creeker' can fix their RV when their levelers break.
    Merry Christmas

  2. so sorry to hear the jack systems is gone again...grrrrr...looks like a safer dryer area to be...