Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Day (Or Three) Off :)

It’s totally inconceivable.  Here we get a day to sleep in and what does “Little Girl” do?  She gets up at three o’clock, makes coffee, and starts reading in her Nook.  Inconceivable!!!  Sometimes I wonder what makes that girl tick.  Not me – uh, uh!!  I just rolled over, went back to sleep, and didn’t get up until the more reasonable hour of 5 AM.

We had around twenty people show up last night at Gatti’s Pizza.  What a fun evening.  Besides pizza, Gatti’s has a very nice salad bar, spaghetti or noodles with a selection of two different sauces, potato wedges, and a soup of the day.  They have a great selection of pizzas ranging from thin crust to thick crust with different toppings and sauces.  It’s $13.75 per couple and that includes drinks.  Quite reasonable.

Well, this is it.  We get three days off and, boy, are we ready for that.  Just one more week of w*rk until retirement.  I think we’ll be snowbirds this year and head south for the winter.  We haven’t quite decided where we’ll go, but we just want to be bored for awhile – hey, wait a minute, maybe we can go to Summerdale, Alabama.  We understand there’s an Escapee park there where there’s a boring routine that takes place all winter long.  Yeah, I think we just might give it a try.  And maybe we’ll get to meet some nice boing people, just like us, there.  Never can tell, they might even be friendly.

This weekend will be like a bus man’s holiday.  We may get time off from w*rk, but we have a “Ta Do List” longer than my arm to get rid of.  First and foremost is that dag gone leveling leg.  Hopefully, once I get it removed it will be an easy fix – what are the chances of that?  About the same as a one for one swap out of a microwave/convection oven.  In any event, by the end of the day I hope to have a “leg up” on it (couldn’t resist the pun).

Then there’s the stairs leading to the bathroom area.  For some reason the screws have stripped and the stairs are pulling away from the wall.  This will be an easy fix and I have all the needed “stuff” for this repair.  Next will be a trip to Lowes to procure florescent lights for over the sink.  They are slowly giving up the ghost and beginning to flicker.  Finally, the katts need their nails trimmed and to be brushed.  Katie hates this and Alex tolerates it.

Judy has laundry to do, bills to pay, and some household chores that she wants to finish.  Then there’s the bi-weekly shopping trip to Wally World to replenish the larder.  But, it won’t be all w*rk and no play.  On Wednesday afternoon a “bunch” of us are going to the little town of Liberty for a luncheon at a place that donates all proceeds to a children’s home.  We’ve been told that they have good food and it’s a great cause to support.

In any event, we’ll take it real slow and easy over the next three days so we won’t be too tired for w*rk on Monday-Friday – wouldn’t want that to happen, would we now?  Well, that’s enough rambling for today.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - - -  


  1. yipee some time off...enjoy and don't work too hard...be sure to schedule some 'rest periods' in there...have a blast in Liberty...

  2. Becoming snowbirds? Good plan ... I think I'll join you!