Monday, November 01, 2010

Candy And Chowdah

Today is the first day of November, he writes stating the obvious, which was, also, known as the first day of belly ache long, long ago - being the day after Trick or Treat.  After returning from our voyage throughout the neighborhood pirating a sack of candy, Mom and Dad would attempt to monitor our apple, candy, pop corn ball, and Rice Krispie squares consumption, but with little to no avail.  Whenever their backs were turned we’d have our grimy little hands back into our raiding sacks pulling out a few more goodies to shove into our faces. 

Those were the days when a candy bar was a candy bar and long before the ever incredible shrinking product phenomenon began taking place.  Only some idiot with a marketing degree sitting in a cubicle would shrink a candy bar to two small mini-bites and write “Fun Size” on the wrapper.  That’s no where near what a kid (or this adult, for that matter) would ever perceive as “Fun Size”. 

For example, do you remember the old Big Time or Hollywood or Pay Day candy bars made by the Hollywood Candy Company? 

Big Time was called a milkshake bar with peanuts while Hollywood was a caramel, nougat, and peanuts bar with a dark chocolate coating and Pay Day, which is still being produced today by Nestle, consists of peanuts around a center of caramel (which we used to eat like an ear of corn).  The Hollywood candy bar was half again the size of a Milky Way bar weighing in at 2 ounces.  And, they only cost a NICKEL!!!!!!!!  Now they were “FUN SIZED” CANDY BARS, YOU MORON!!! (I’m talking to the idiot in the cubicle here, not you my friends).

Mothers weren’t worried about obesity or diabetes in children because they believed that children, like laundry, needed to be aired.  We weren’t allowed to sit in front of the television set and push buttons.  It was outside with us where we would ride our bikes, run, play, etc..  We were allowed back in the house at lunch time and then shooed right back outside again when we finished eating.  Therefore, we got plenty of exercise to off set any candy that we devoured in the meantime.

Oh well, you get the gist of all of that and most likely have your own story of begging your neighbors for candy on October 31st, so October is now behind us and November is underway.

If you remember, a couple of days ago, I told you about our purchase of some cod fish and clams to make a New England Chowdah.  Well, that event came to pass yesterday afternoon.  We were joined by John and Sandy Byrnes, Jim and Ellie Meacham, and Norm and Linda Payne.  Norm and Linda had just returned home after a strenuous 60 mile journey from the Chapter 26 Rally in Chumuckla, Florida.

We gathered together outside to enjoy some wine, crackers, and cream cheese with a homemade pepper jelly topping for hors d’oeuvres.

Sandy, Ellie, Jim, Norm, Linda, Darrell missing were John and Judy

Then we moved inside for the New England Fish/Clam Chowdah along with a wonderful homemade coleslaw, and a nice selection of bread with real butter.  There was a nice hot, straight from the oven, apple crisp on hand for dessert.  Have I make ya lick your chops yet?  It was all “Oh So Gooood!”

So, that wraps it up for today.  Take care until next time - - - - -

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  1. Yes, indeed, it was a wonderful event, we've been hearing about this world-famous Chowdah for quite some time, and I can attest to the claim for fame now. We had a great time, and thank you again for the invite!