Monday, November 15, 2010

The Extravaganza

We had a wonderful time of worship at church yesterday morning.  The Senior Pastor was away dedicating a new facility at one of the other “campuses” so the Pastor of Discipleship preached.  He did an excellent job.  This a remarkable church in that during this time of economic upheaval they are building new facilities – one on the main campus and the one that was being dedicated yesterday.

Now, what we’re about to tell you next is going to totally astound you beyond all belief.  This is so incredible that we just know that you’re going to find it unbelievable.  You’d would just never ever expect this from Escapees, especially the Escapees at Rainbow Plantation.  Well, here it is, hang on to your seats – Last night we held another eating extravaganza at the clubhouse!!!!! 

It was the annual Soupa Supper.  For a $3 donation, per person, you got a bowl and a spoon so that you could travel from one table to another while sampling as many soup dishes as your little belly could hold.  At five o’clock sharp there was a hungry crowd on hand waiting for the “start gun” to go off.  The “start gun”, in this case, was a couple of numbers by the Shanielles (Rainbow Plantation’s own bathrobe ensemble).

A Hungry Bunch Of Escapees The Shanielles

There were 22 different selections to choose from and they were all very good.  Judy sampled five different soups while I sampled six, but we did ask for half scoops (or less).  There’s no way that we could have handled full scoops of that many soups (we’d have had a very busy night). 

Soup's On!!! And More Soup!!!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the Soupa Supper was followed by the weekly Ice Cream Social with the Red Hats on hand selling cookies and brownies to accompany the ice cream.  We had to pass on ice cream but did partake in a couple of cookies (one each, that is).  More Friends, Food, Fun, and Fellowship.  Who’da thunk!!!  We told you that you were going to find it unbelievable.

After the eating extravaganza we waddled on home.  Our jammies and recliners were calling us.  We clicked on the telly and watched Extreme Home Makeover rebuild the school that was washed down highway I-24 in Nashville during the flood last May 1st while occasionally flipping channels to check in on the Patriots vs. Steelers game.  After Extreme Home Makeover completed their task, we locked in on the football game – Patriots won, Yay!!

Then it was off into never, never land for a few hours of shut eye.  Today is going to be a rainy day, but Miss Judy has line dancing and beading this morning with another basket weaving endeavor this afternoon.  I’ll just find something on the “Ta Do List” that can be done inside.  We do have a short trip planned for mid day so be sure to check in again tomorrow to see what we are up to.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -

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