Sunday, November 14, 2010

Plantation Life

They say time flies when you’re having fun.  Well, we must be having lots of fun because yesterday just flew by.  We stayed in the park with Judy working on her quilting while I washed the rig yesterday morning. 

At noon we attended a Memorial Service at the clubhouse honoring veterans and Escapees who have passed on.  The ceremony was very well done with Odell Smith leading us in patriotic songs and hymns.  He sang acappella and has a a beautiful baritone voice.  The ceremony was followed by, what else, food and fellowship.

How do you spell Escapee?  With four F’s; Friends, Fun, Food, and Fellowship.  If you are bored or lonely while staying here at Rainbow Plantation, it’s your own fault.  There are soooooo many nice people here at the Plantation and more than enough activities available to keep you vewy, vewy busy.  That’s why time seems to fly by.

Later yesterday afternoon Paul and Margery stopped by for a visit.  We’ve known of them through our friends Randy and Terry so it was nice to finally meet them and get to know them.  They are fulltimers from Pennsylvania who travel in an Allegro motorhome.  You can read all about their adventures on their website – Living Our Dream.  They will be here for a few more weeks so we look forward to getting together with them again.     

Well, it’s time for us to start getting ready for church so that’s it for today.  Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - -

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