Friday, November 05, 2010

A Late Start And Friends

A late entry this morning.  I “stood” in bed until almost seven o’clock.  Then when I “went online” I received an upgrade message from AVG (my security program).  Well, being that I always want the most up-to-date security coverage, I pressed the “upgrade now” button.

Keep in mind, the key word here is “upgrade”; this is very much different than “update”.  Being in my early morning stupor, I didn’t really pay any attention to the wording.  So, what really happened was an entirely new version of AVG was downloaded onto my ‘puter.  I’m happy to have the new 2011 version, but it took over an hour to download, install, update, and scan my computer.  Therefore, it is quarter after eight and I am just getting started on today’s journal entry.

Everyday, more and more friends show up here at Rainbow Plantation.  That means both friends from the past as well as new friends that we are meeting for the first time.  So, if you are a reader of this blog and we have not met yet, please stop by our place on East Traveler Street to say “Hi” and get acquainted.  We really enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.

I know I keep saying that meeting new people is one of the best parts of this lifestyle, but I, also, have to say that we have more friends now than we’ve ever had at any other time in our lives.  And, the great part is that we’ll see these friends over and over again either here at Rainbow Plantation or at some other unexpected location as we are traveling about the country.  It is so neat to pull into a campground and “bump into” one of your friends and be able to spend a little time together getting reacquainted.

We met Dave and Jan Verse while we were workamping at the KOA in Nashville back in the fall of 2006.  Then we “bumped into” them again right here at Rainbow Plantation in January of 2007.  Since that time we have become real good friends with them; staying in touch electronically and “bumping into” them hither and thither.  Monday, they rolled into the Plantation once again and Jan dropped by for a visit. 

The rain kept us pretty much inside for a couple of days, but they dropped by for another visit yesterday morning and invited us to Happy Hour at their place (a nice Phaeton motorhome).  We had a great time of visiting, sipping wine (and Bloody Marys), and sharing some snacks.  It is soooo nice to see them again and we look forward to getting together again before they leave on Wednesday.

We met Dick and Jody LaBarre back in the fall of 2006 as well and have been “bumping into” them ever since.  One time while stopping at the John C. Stennis Rest Area off of I-10 in Westonia, Mississippi we pulled in right next to them.  They were heading east and we were heading west.  What a serendipitous event that was.  In any event, they too are here at Rainbow Plantation and are planning on wintering here this year.  We share biking in common with them and look forward to doing some bike trails together in the coming months.

I could go on and on, but I won’t.  The point is that each day more and more friends show up here at Rainbow Plantation.  We can never have enough friends so we are excited about making new ones while we hunker down here in Summerdale for a few months catching up on our “Ol’ Ta Do List” and replenishing our emergency fund.  So, if you’re here, don’t be surprised if you find us knocking at your door.

Take care until next time - - - - - 

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