Thursday, November 11, 2010

A New Church

This year we’ve been attending a new church, Church Of The Eastern Shore (COTES), which is a Southern Baptist church, and have really enjoyed it.  We’ve dubbed the church “a mini World Outreach Church” which is where we worship when we are in the Murfreesboro area. 

COTES has two services with around 1,400 people in attendance.  There are two auditoriums with the service being satellite fed into the the smaller one.  They, also, have several other campuses with the service being satellite fed to them as well.  Further, if you’re away, you can watch the service on the internet.  Technology is certainly influencing the way we worship. 

Well, last night we attended a Home Bible Study Group hosted by Johnny and Sheila.  They have a lovely home on the Fish River which makes it really handy for us.  Each Wednesday the group meets for dinner followed by a Bible study.  There are 19 in the group counting us, but not everyone attends each week (some poor souls still have J-O-B-S). 

This group is a wonderful fit for us as most of the people are in our age group (roughly late fifties to mid sixties).  We felt as if we had known these people for years; ya da thunk that we were among RVers.  We look forward to attending this home group each week for the next few months.

An outing today, an outing today, hi-ho the derrio, an outing today.  That means pictures tomorrow.  You’re just gonna haveta hang in there and see what it is that we have found to do, but we’ll tell ya that it’s a place we’ve never visited before.

Yesterday was a good day on the “Ol Ta Do List” so we feel no guilt about taking today off (we wouldn’t have anyhow!!!).  The weather has been just fantastic and promises to be for the next few days.  That means it will be a great day to be out and about.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -

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