Monday, November 29, 2010

A Spectacular Sunday

Let me say this about that.  Sunday is one of the top ten days of each week!!  Yesterday was a great day of Worship, Football, Reading, Napping, Figure Skating, and Ice Cream.

We are attending a Southern Baptist Church named Church Of The Eastern Shores.  This is not your father’s Southern Baptist Church.  The music is very contemporary, the Pastor dresses casually, the sermons are lively, entertaining, and challenging, and the Holy Spirit is moving among the congregation.  It provides us with a great worship experience each Sunday.

As for the football, We’d rather watch college ball over professional.  There are waaaay toooo many overpaid prima donnas in the AFL/NFL.  But, Sunday is pro-ball day, none the less, so we tune in to root for our favorite teams.  Go Pats, oops, the Patriots played on Thanksgiving day and whooped the Lions.

I’ve been reading the old classics and am currently reading George Orwell’s 1984.  This is a fun book that was written in 1949.  It’s scary to see how many of the “predictions” came true with the advent of the computer age.  Anyway, this is another book that I first read during my high school days and is rather light reading.

It is truly amazing how Miss Judy and I have learned the art of napping from our furry kids, Katie and Alex.  Our quick katt napp ended up being a little longer than we had anticipated, but Miss Judy did get up at 4:30 yesterday morning (silly girl!!).  I hadn’t slept all that well since what I thought was a sinus attack might really be a cold setting in.  I guess we needed a little extra sleep.

Later in the afternoon we watched A Holiday Celebration On Ice with music by the Mannheim Steamroller.  We love Mannheim Steamroller music and the show featured the skaters that we remembered from the 1990’s.  Very nostalgic to say the least, brought back memories of when we lived in Maine and Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music is the best.

Well, worship and social time are the book ends for any given Sunday.  Everything in between is subject to our whims, but we begin the day with Worship at our church and end the day with the Ice Cream Social at the clubhouse.  So, last evening, we joined in with a hundred of our closest friends for more fun, food, and fellowship (food being ice cream).  Then it was home again, home again to put the cap on our day.

Now it’s on to today.  What’s on the agenda?  If it’s Monday, then it’s arts and crafts.  Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -

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  1. Darrell and Judy, sounds like you really did have a Spectacular Sunday! One after my own heart, anyway (although Budhi likes the football, not much me) We too enjoyed our Sunday worship although both of us had to work so after sunday school we went to the work places, then when we got home we had leftover thanksgiving and watched a cute little Christmas Movie. Over Dinner Budhi stated his heart was burdened to start having a family over to our home again at least once a week for meals, so guess what this girl has house cleaning on the calendar today because currently I have boxes all over with piles where we are decluttering. and Hey I don't know about this eating and full timing, geeze might weight watchers might be hard to follow, what you think? You guys sure eat alot!