Sunday, November 21, 2010

The First Rally

It’s ‘bout time that us katts take over the keyboard again.  This is Katie and Alex here.  The story you are about to hear is true, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

We are into year five of this “traveling at will” gig.  It was July 28, 2006 when we moved into our palace on wheels.  The wheels began rolling on October 14th of that same year.

Our first stop was an overnighter at Circle B Campground in Angola, Indiana.  From there the ol’ man had a brain storm.  Let’s email Norm Payne to see if he and Linda were hanging out around the Louisville (pronounce Lew-a-vull), Kentucky area.  Within the hour he had his answer.

Norm emailed back saying they were at Tom Stinnett RV in Clarksville, Indiana, just across the river from Lew-a-vull, along with Rich and Diane Emonds.  “Come down, the water’s fine!”  So, the very next day we caught “the last train to Clarksville” to join up with the Paynes and the Emonds.

Norm and Linda Payne Diane and Rich Emond

Now, when we arrived, they were parked in a public parking lot, but our rig was a little long so we moved over into the corner which was one of Tom Stinnett RV’s parking areas for displaying product.  They gave us permission to spend the night.  As one of the salesmen was showing potential customers some RVs, Alex was sitting on the table watching all the going ons.  One of the ladies caught a glimpse of him and said, “Hey, there’s a katt in that RV!”.  She didn’t know ours wasn’t for sale.  That was funny!!

Well, to make a short story long, Norm had gotten a call from his sister and brother-in-law saying that they were passing through the area as well.  So Don and Gloria Martin showed up to join the entourage.   On top of that, the main purpose that Norm and Linda were there was to meet up with Dirk Harrington and help him check out his brand spanking new Dutch Star motorhome.

Gloria and Don Martin Dirk Harrington

Now there were nine people joined together for a mini-rally at Tom Stinnett RV.  What do Escapees do at a rally; why go out to eat, what else!  The Paynes, Emonds, and Martins all had Honda C-RVs so there was a mini-parade roaming around the streets of Clarksville looking for a place to light for dinner.  They ended up at Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant where the meal was okay, but the fellowship was great.

So, there you have it, mom and dad’s first rally.  Oops, we forgot to change the names to protect the innocent.  Oh well, none of them were innocent anyhow!!!  Dad will be back tomorrow.


Katie and Alex

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