Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Crafts, Friends, And Tea

Sick of all those negative political ads on television?  Well, this is it!!!  Election day!!!  But don’t get too comfortable, they’ll probably get started running for the 2012 presidential election within a few months.  It seems campaigns start earlier and earlier.  In any event, be sure to cast your vote.

Yesterday was another one of those super, excellent, too good to be true, days with low humidity and warm temperatures.  Miss Judy went to line dancing and beading while I practiced some T’ai Chi (I look great in tights) and did some reading.  We both sat outside in our lawn chairs for awhile and did some visiting around the neighborhood.

More and more of our neighbors here on East Traveler Street have been filling in the empty spaces so we joined in around the campfire with a group of them for about an hour to get re-acquainted after a summer of traveling.  It seemed like old times and was nice to see everyone once again.  

Dick and Pat had returned to the fold on Monday afternoon so we invited them over for a belated travel day dinner of, what else?  Seafood chowdah!!  It was good to see them again and spend some time catching up on our summer.

The rest of the day was spent on the ‘puters and watching a little television – very little at that.  Monday is just not a good television night for us; there’s absolutely nothing worth spending our time watching.

We’ll be encountering rain over the next two days so we’ll probably spend a lot of time playing inside.  However, we both have dentist appointments this morning to get our fangs sharpened so we’ll be out and about a little bit.

So, what about the Tea in the title?  Well, nothing really, I just needed another noun for the title so until next time, take care.

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