Wednesday, November 03, 2010

“I Love A Rainy Day”

In between the rain showers, we went to the dentist to get our fangs cleaned and sharpened.  I’m good for another year, but Miss Judy needs to have a couple of fillings.  I can go 12 months between check ups while Judy needs to go every six months.  It seems like she always has to have something done to her teeth; over the years, we’ve put a lot of money where her mouth is!!!

We returned home, had some lunch, and then stopped by Norm and Linda’s for a little visit.  Judy had some beading questions for Linda.  While the girls were discussing the beading issues, Norm and I continued resolving all the world’s problems.  Sheesh, it’s too bad someone in Washington wouldn’t listen to us; there would be peace in the valley tonight if they did.

“I love a rainy day [night], I love a rainy day [night], I love to hear the thunder, Watch the lightning when it lights up the sky!” (Eddie Rabbitt – 1980)

"I Love A Rainy Day"

It was raining hard when we returned home which made it a great afternoon for reading a good book while sipping a nice hot cup of coffee.  Judy enjoyed the peace and quiet to continue working on her beading projects; occasionally Alex would lend her a paw (he loves any crafts that involves string or yarn).

From Darrell's Chair Judy Justa Beading Away

Yep, we love a rainy afternoon every so often.  It gives us an opportunity to sit back in our recliners in front of the fireplace and reflect as the rain pitter patters on the roof (sometimes all that reflecting leads to a little snooze).  In any event, it’s nice and calming and y’all know what a stress filled life we lead.  :-)  Even the katts got into the rest and relaxation mode (however, that’s a daily ritual with them).

Katie At Ease Alex Relaxing

So, what’dya think after yesterday’s elections?  Unfortunately I just see more partisan politics on the horizon.  My hope is that “they” become so gridlocked that “they” can’t pass anymore bills, laws, referendums, or taxes that will hurt us.  Maybe it will keep “them” out of our affairs (and our pockets) for the next couple of years.  We the people could certainly use a moratorium from all our legislators’ “help”.  The most productive time that we’ve witnessed in Washington in recent years was last winter when the snow closed the place down for a few days – “they” weren’t able to break anything!!!

There’s more rain in the forecast for today so it’ll be another inside day.  Judy is going to the clubhouse for line dancing and beading.  I’ll do the daily chores, practice a little T’ai Chi, and continue reading.  Yep, “I love a rainy day”, but just not too many of them!!!

Take care until next time - - - - -

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