Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nuttin’ Honey

Yesterday was definitely an outdoor day with beautiful weather and today will be as well.  Miss Judy went to her line dancing class while I stayed home and practiced the first five moves (poses) of the T’ai Chi routine (there are twenty four in all).  Man!!!  That’s not as easy as it looks.  Next, Judy attended her beading group while I got the household chores out of the way.  Finally, I moved outside to mow the lawn and edge the patio; the yard looks great.

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside sitting in our lawn chairs chit chatting, visiting with our next door neighbors (Gil and Orma), and reading.  At four o’clock we attended the Social Hour at the clubhouse. 

Gary and Millie have returned as park managers and that means that the Social Calendar is beginning to fill up.  Last year there were between 45 and 50 events taking place each week here at Rainbow Plantation; it will be pretty much a repeat of that again this year.

Larry and Babs are due back in a week or so and then the Tuesday and Thursday dinners and Saturday morning breakfasts will resume at the clubhouse.  The “campground” already has close to 80 rigs parked in it.  There will be some “coming and going”, but Gary expects the park to be full by Thanksgiving. 

After Social Hour we came home to have breakfast for dinner followed by a little telly before beddy bye.  Well there ya go.  That’ll be it for today, but hang in there.  We are planning an outing or two for this week.  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” (Darrell and Judy too!!)  So it’s about time that we found something interesting to do as well as making a few pictures along the way.

Take Care Until Next Time! 

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