Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Tour

It’s been awhile since we gave a tour of our home on wheels.  We now have a lot of new readers/followers and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our home.

When we decided to “go fulltime” the search was on for a home on wheels.  There were a few requirements for living as a fulltime RVer, one was to be debt free.  We already had a tow vehicle – a GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax Diesel.  The truck only had 70,000 miles and was paid for, therefore, we couldn’t bring ourselves to go into debt in order to upgrade. 

We were looking at Mobile Suites, Travel Supreme, and Carriage fifthwheels, but all of them were too heavy for our truck.  Being that we had owned two other Cedar Creeks, a 1999 travel trailer and a 2004 fifthwheel, we decided to stay with a product that we had experienced with; that is, another Cedar Creek.

'99 Cedar Creek Travel Trailer '04 Cedar Creek Fifthwheel

We special ordered our 2006 Cedar Creek 36RLTS in the summer of 2005 and took delivery in September.

DSCN1556 Transfer 099

As you enter and look to your left you’ll see our kitchen and dining area with the livingroom just beyond.

Kitchen Dining Room

The livingroom is furnished with “normal” house furniture – a leather love seat and Lazy Boy recliner’s.  Notice that the wall behind the recliners has been painted.

Living Room Living Room

The slideout on the “passenger side” houses the entertainment center with fireplace and the desk.  The television was upgraded to a 26” Sharp Aquos which required rebuilding the entertainment center.  From the livingroom you can see the door leading to the walk through bathroom and bedroom area.  

Living Room Kitchen

Notice that the wall next to the refrigerator in the picture above; since that picture was taken we have added wainscoting to the wall.  Another upgrade was replacing all of the curtains with oak lambrequins.

Wainscoting Lambrequins

We upgraded the mattress with a Serta Vera Wang memory foam mattress and the television with a 29” Sharp Aquos (that’s not the Aquos in the picture).

Bed Room Bed Room

Here is the bathing area looking back from the bedroom.  There is a separate water closet for the flush and the washer/dryer has its own closet as well.

DSCF0441 Washer/Dryer is Behind The Door With The Towels

Further, we have added a 1,000 watt inverter and upgraded the converter to a 65 watt with a 3 stage charger.  That allows us to “live off the grid” for a few days.

Well, there you have it.  It certainly doesn’t take long to tour our little house on the highway, but it is comfortable and contains all the creature features (or “bear” necessities).

The rain has almost cleared out leaving us with cool temperatures and lots of wind.  The old awnings are justa flappin’ in the breeze.  Today, it’s back to the “Ol’ Ta Do List”.  Most everything on the list needs to be done outside so not much got accomplished over the past two days.

Oh yes, the new coffee brewer showed up yesterday.  Two improvements over the Mr. Coffee brand is a pot that pours without spilling and a hot plate that has a temperature control.  Otherwise, I can’t say that the coffee tastes any better, but we really didn’t expect it to.

Take care until next time - - - - -


  1. Enjoyed the tour. You have a beautiful home!

  2. Nice Home. Thanks for the tour.

    Travel Safe

  3. Mighty nice place you have there! Thanks for the tour. (But, I must confess....when I first read the headline I thought you were buying a Winnebago! ;-) )

    I especially appreciated the pics of the oak lambrequins. I remember reading about them but couldn't quite visualize. They look lovely! I'm filing this idea away in case our cats ever get the idea that our fabric lambrequins are scratching posts.

    Have fun with all those good folks you're hanging out with. Cheers!

  4. Thanks for the tour...nothing like home on a rainy afternoon!

    We have had wind, but no rain, just a chill in the air.