Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The 2010 Quilting Project

Gary and Millie Small’s (our managers) son-in-law works for a Christian organization out of Minneapolis, Minnesota that acquires medical equipment and sets up hospitals throughout Africa.  The equipment is generally donated by doctor’s and hospitals around the country as they upgrade their own facilities.

The donated equipment is loaded into shipping containers.  Once the containers are full they get loaded onto a freighter for delivery to African countries.  Along with medical equipment their is a need for medical supplies as well.  One of the needs is for receiving blankets for new born infants.  That’s where Rainbow Plantation comes into the picture.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow the “Quilting” ladies, along with other volunteers from around the park (about 50 people in all), will make around a hundred and fifty 36” by 36” quilts that will accompany the donated medical equipment to Africa.  Also, several other ladies are knitting or crocheting bonnets that will be included along with the blankets.

Ladies, Start Your Engines  The Iron And "Steal" Department These Ladies Are Always "Cutting Up"

Yesterday’s “production line” produced 67 quilts and 27 bonnets were donated, a pretty darned good start.  If you happen to visit the clubhouse it will look like an ant hill of activity with fabric flowing from the “Ironing Department” into the “Cutting Department” and onto the “Sewing Department” with the finished quilts stacking up.  A great big “thumbs up” to all those who are participating in this project.

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