Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things To Ponder

Last night at around eleven-forty our weather alert radio goes off telling us that we are about to be blown away.  A tornado is forming just north of us and we are to seek immediate shelter in our basement.  It’s a good thing I cleaned out the basement yesterday so that there was enough room for us in there.  As we hunkered down in safety, “they” removed the alert; it was just a false alarm, but it could have developed into something.

It’s a good thing to travel with a weather alert radio.  We have an inexpensive one that you have to find out which county you are in, go online to determine the code for that county, and manually enter it into the radio.  We had a more expensive radio that would automatically locate the nearest signal but it died – must have gotten caught up in a tornado warning.  So I reactivated our old inexpensive one which works just fine.

After the tornado warning was dropped, we resumed our sleep as several series of downpours passed over head dragging in another cold front.  The temperatures are going to plummet over the rest of today dropping into the low twenties tonight and into the mid to low teens tomorrow night.  Things are supposed to return to “seasonable” weather beginning Wednesday.

We’re “fixinto” head north to have Christmas with the munchkins so I guess we’ll have to get ready to experience the same freezing cold that we did last year.  We were hoping for the kind of Christmas weather that we had in 2006 when we drove down from Michigan to celebrate Catia’s first Christmas and her first birthday; that is, high 60’s and low 70’s.  Oh well, what ever will be will be. 

If it weren’t for our annual doctor’s appointments in January and February, we’d make tracks from Tennessee straight to Arizona and spend the winter boondocking with Jim and Ellie out in the desert.  We’re definitely thinking about that for next year.  We fled the north to enjoy the warmth here in the southland, but it seems that that is not to be.

Today we’re in our Sunday routine mode with worship this morning and ice cream social tonight.  There will be football in there somewhere and maybe I’ll throw a little more paint on my painting.  Miss Judy will continue with a couple of her basket weaving endeavors with an eye toward Christmas.  Her goal is to have everything shipped either tomorrow or Tuesday.

So that’s about it while we are “Sitting In America” here in L. A..  Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -  

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