Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Doings

We hope that you’ve had a wonderful Christmas Season.  I know that we have in spite of my fighting back a horrendous cold.  Christmas Eve we attended the World Outreach Church service.  This is a mega Church that seats 2800 in the main sanctuary and it was packed with standing room only at the each of the three services.  Then it was homeward bound for the traditional Christmas Eve home made pizza dinner (and other Christmas goodies).

Christmas morning we made an early trip back to the Patterson abode to have the tree with the munchkins; and, yes, we had a white Christmas.  Catia, at six, was all excited and chomping at the bit to attack the tree.  Kalina, at two and a half, got right into the swing of things once she understood that Santa had, in fact, landed and that all systems were go for opening presents.  Radek, at six months, was alert and ready to give each of his gifts the taste test.

We had turkey with all the fixings for Christmas dinner followed by apple pie for dessert.  And, again, there were plenty of Christmas treats to munch on throughout the day.  It was late afternoon when we returned home and I wasn’t feeling all that chipper so I didn’t get the film developed.  We’ll work on it today for a photo entry tomorrow.

Well, snuff, snuff, sniffle, sniffle, sneeze, sneeze that’s all folks.  I hope I’m on the mend.  For those of you hitting the roads today, take it real easy and be safe.  Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -


  1. Take care and get well. Remember - Dayquill and Nyquill are your friends.

  2. Yes, good advice from Mikee and Peggy....Dayquill and Nyquill works wonders.
    Hope you feel better real soon. Take care!!