Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sinuses And Packing

Another sinus attack, another sleepless night.  We’ve had damp weather move in and, for some reason, that effects my sinuses – in a huge way.  My eyes water and I have that constant feeling that I need to sneeze.  My systems are all hooked up backwards – my nose runs and my feet smell.  Nothing seems to help; medication, nasal rinses, nothing!!  Aaaaugh!!!

Yesterday was grocery shopping day and the larder is once again full.  We’re ready for the Christmas season with all the goodies required for getting together with family and friends while grazing our way through the gatherings. 

Today we’ll put the finishing touches on readying ourselves to roll.  I need to air up all the tires, the air ride system, and setting up the Pressure-Pro monitoring system.  Then we’ll start our check out list ensuring that everything is “buttoned up” and secured for travel.  The katts travel accommodations also need set up in the back seat of the truck.

We still haven’t told them that we’re about to get underway, but they will figure it out once they see things being stowed.  Very perceptive katts, they are.  Katie is a good little traveler, but Alex runs hot and cold.  One day he’s just fine and then the next he raises all sort of heck.  You just never know until you get on the road.  He can be a real pistol when he wants to be. 

Well, I better get to those tires while it’s still cool outside – two days and a wake up until we’re on the road again.  Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -

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