Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shopping And Visiting

Right in the middle of all the holidays, Catia has her birthday so Grandma and Grandpa went out in search of a birthday gift.  Our hunting trip was a success with us bagging a real neat gift for the munchkin.  She will be turning the big Oh-Six on the 30th.

With all our shopping now behind us, we are all set to enjoy the Christmas season with our family here in Tennessee.  Just for some added ambience, “they” are calling for sn*w on Christmas eve and Christmas day.  Stay tuned and we’ll keep all y’all advised.

Last night we met up with Gene and Judi for dinner at Demo’s Family Restaurant in Lebanon.  It was great to see them again, but our time was cut a little short.  Demo’s is a popular restaurant and there was a huge waiting line forming so we had to move on.  We had a lively conversation about all that has taken place in our lives since our last get together in October. 

They are planning to leave Tennessee on Sunday running toward warmer weather.  It’s 30* here this morning with temps heading lower over the next few days.  We are still planning to leave on Monday, however, there maybe a change in our plans.  You’ll need to check back again tomorrow to see what transpires.  Other than that there’s not a whole lot new. 

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - 

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