Friday, December 17, 2010

The Countdown

Praise the Lord!!  I downloaded a new Microsoft Internet Explorer program onto our auxiliary hard-drive, then copied-pasted it onto Judy’s computer, and ran the install wizard.  Voila, her computer gets online once again – another bullet dodged.

The countdown to departure has begun.  Yesterday I changed the oil in the truck and while I was under there, I crawled around looking for any other signs of trouble.  Everything looks good.  So, now it’s the task of putting everything in order to get ourselves underway.

We haven’t told Katie and Alex about the trip yet.  They get all excited like a couple of kids at Christmas.  Once they find out, it will be a whole series of questions.  “When are we leaving?”  “How much longer?”  “Are we leaving today?”  You know, all the questions that you get whenever furry kids find out that you’re “fixinto” head out. 

Their favorite place seems to be at Ray and Pat’s up in Mecosta, Michigan.  They’re much more active whenever we’re there than they are here in L. A..  They, also, liked our site at Lake George Escape where the birds visited our window feeders all day long, the chipmunks where scurrying about everywhere, and other wildlife roamed freely around the campground. 

Yesterday afternoon Barb, Norm, and I assisted Larry the cook in preparing last night’s dinner for the Christmas Dinner and Dance evening.  It was a big meal so it took the four of us an hour and a half to get everything made up.  It was a yummy meal of smothered pork chops over potatoes and onions, with green beans, Texas toast, salad, and cake.  Another fine meal by Larry.

Judy spent the day working on her Christmas projects and going to get her hair cut.  She’s a happy camper once again now that her ‘puter is doing what it is supposed to do. 

It’s amazing how much time we spend on our computers; they have pretty much replaced the mail, the newspaper, changed our phone technology, etc., and have become the very center of our lives.  So, when they quit doing their thing, we go into withdrawal symptoms.

Well, thar ya have it.  Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - -  

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  1. Good Morning Darrel, got a question for you......We bought into the Verizon's MIFI last month and love it, although Budhi has an old IBM notepad computer that was hooked up to the wireless land line but when we hooked up to MIFI it won't work from the connection. NOw when we take the usb and hook it directly it will work although then it isn't a network and mine won't connect, make since. You think what ever your did for Judy's computer might work for Budhi's?