Monday, December 20, 2010

Up, Up, And Away

So it’s up, up, and away in our beautiful RV as we head over the river and through the woods to grandkid’s house we go.  It’s a five hundred mile trip so we’ll take two travel days to make it (we’ve done it in one day before but it’s about nine and half hours). 

We’re ready for a road trip, we’ve been in one place for two months now and are beginning to get a bad case of cabin fever (known as hitchitch).  Plus we are waaaaay past due for a grandchild fix.  What better time of the year to spend with the little munchkins than Christmas.  We just wish the New Hampshire broad was closer at hand (and in a warmer climate) so we could spend time with them as well.

A couple of our friends have truck campers as well as their fifthwheels.  We’ve talked about getting one that is really well insulated to use for short roads trips (less than a couple of months).  Then we could make a run to New Hampstir for Christmas as well as trips to the “back country” throughout the year.  But, alas, it’s just talk at this point; we don’t really want to spend anymore money on depreciating assets until we know what we want to do once we grow up.

Anyway, ‘twill be great to see some of our little grandkids smiling faces once again.  Mary and Joel will be making their way to New Hampshire to spend Christmas with Marc, Amie, and the kids while Brian will be staying home in Michigan.  Safe travels to all of us, and all of you, as we all move about the country at this time of year.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -    

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