Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Munchkins And Nooks

Yes, Alex, it’s time to get up!!!  It was 6:27, Judy was already up (Alex got her up around 5:15), the coffee was ready, and Alex decided that dad should be up as well.  That’s why he’s known as our Alarm Katt.  The only time he doesn’t “go off” is whenever we have to be up early for some sort of an appointment; that’s the day he’ll decide to sleep in.

We made the trip from Rainbow Plantation to Cedars of Lebanon without incident; just the way we like it.  We did a mileage check, the first one that we’ve ever done, and discovered that we get about 11.5 miles per gallon while towing.  With fuel prices increasing that will be a helpful piece of information as we establish our 2011 travel budget.

It was good to see the munchkins once again.  Radek just loves to sit up (or stand) in our laps.  He is very alert and loves to watch whatever is taking place around the house.  Kalina picked up right where she left off; that is, she brought a truck load of toys for grandpa’s lap and then climbed on board to play together.  Catia is getting to be a big girl and loves to play games.  She kept grandma occupied for a couple of hours playing one game after another.  Christmastime with family is the best.

We are talking about an overnighter with Catia and an outing with Kalina while we’re here.  It’s going to be cold so we need to find an indoor activity for Kalina; we already know what we’re going to do with Catia.  You’ll have to stay tuned to see what all transpires. 

By the way, I really enjoy my new Barnes and Noble Nook.  The best thing about it is that I can read for hours without my eyes watering or blurring.  I’ve read seven books since purchasing the Nook on Black Friday and I haven’t had to purchase one book.  I check them out of the public library (something you can’t do if you have a Kindle). 

The only complaint that I have is the battery life isn’t as long as advertised – I only get two or three days before needing to recharge (they advertise 10 days), but it really isn’t a big deal.  I just plug it in before going to bed and it’s recharged when I get up.

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