Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eats And Crafts

What’s on the docket for today?  Well, keeping warm is high on the list.  If we can just get through today then things will begin to thaw out.  “They” (the weather predictors) are telling us that it will only get up into the forties today, but by Thursday it will be back in the low 70’s.  “The weather swings like a pendulum do, temperatures changing two by two.”

Yesterday morning we attended the Chapter 26 monthly meeting with Norm and Linda at the Original Oyster House restaurant in Gulf Shores.  There were over a hundred Escapees in attendance.  First there was a short business meeting followed by the 50/50 drawing and then dinner.  Miss Judy won one of the 50/50 drawing prizes, so now she wants to head off to Wind Creek Casino to try her luck – a new basket weaving hobby for her? 

Anyhow, the meal was delicious; we had fried shrimp, shrimp scampi, and fried oysters with sides of collard greens and red beans and rice plus coffee to drink.  All that for twenty-one bucks for the two of us, can you say yum, yum?

After we returned home, we dragged out our hobbies and went to work.  I promise, after Christmas we’ll show you some pictures of Miss Judy’s projects.  She has been as busy as a little beaver getting them ready for “presents under the tree.”

As for my painting endeavors, I don’t like the two big clouds in my picture so it will be “away with them”.  Also, I need to work on the top of the ledges, clean up the lawn a little bit, and add a few bushes here and there.  I, also, think a flag pole is needed in the picture; lighthouses always have flag poles.  Then the painting will be ready for signing and hanging in the shed.  Now just one question remains, what to paint next?


Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -


  1. Think your painting is great, do not be so critical, but then know where you come from, I do the same thing with anything that I make. Just hunting for perfect!

  2. You need to work your clouds into the wet sky and build from the center out. When you reach the outside edges of the clouds they will appear transparent. Get a good fan brush and use swirling motions to build them.