Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Fine Day In The Life

Yesterday was a run errands type of day.  Katie and Alex insisted that we go to PetSmart to pick up another bag of Blue Spa Indoor Formula katt food.  We were running low and they were getting a little concerned about the prospect of having empty bowls.  They’re smiling now.  We, also, had some other things to pick up along the way, but still managed to get back home by about 12:30.

Mike and Peggy and Judy and I made an afternoon run to Camping World to pick up some new lawn chairs.  We wanted the “director’s chairs” that have a table attached to the side and CW had them on sale for thirty-two bucks.  While we were there we kicked the tires on a few motorhomes.  I wished I’d been born a little richer and not quite so handsome!!! 

Anyway, we brought our four new chairs home (one for each person) and tried them out with some frozen margaritas in hand.  Yep, we’re satisfied customers with both the chairs and the margaritas – thanks Dortha for that wonderful recipe.

At four o’clock we all journeyed over to the clubhouse to attend the Escapees Social Time and Don and Gloria’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party.  There was cake, coffee, and mixed nuts available so we had a reverse dinner (that is, dessert first then dinner).  Judy and I made our way home and, being that neither one of us felt like cooking, we called out for pizza.  The pizza wasn’t all that good, but at least we didn’t have to skin it or cook it. 

After a little reading, we hit the hay early bidding farewell to another fine day in the life.  We slept like a couple of babies enjoying that new mattress pad – oh so snuggy buggy warm.  To quote Doug and JoAnn, “Life is Good!!!  RV Life is Better!!!”   

God Bless Until Next Time - - - - -

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