Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Recuperating Day

After our midnight extravaganza the other night, we were pretty lethargic for most of the day yesterday.  We did just enough of our daily chores to get by and went into rest and relax mode from that point on.  It was a fantastic day with temperatures reaching 78*, so sitting out in our lawn chairs was the order of the day.  Even Alex got to join us a couple of times.  He says, “meow, meow, meow” which means, “thank you dad”. 

We did mosey on over to the clubhouse for Social Time and then Mike and Peggy joined us at home for frozen margaritas.  That brought us to dinner time and veg out in front of the TV time.  We crashed at around nine o’clock and managed to sleep through the night without another midnight party.

Today the wonderful weather is continuing.  This has been a great run, we’ve been seeing daily temperatures in the seventies for the past week and a half – keep it coming!!!  Other than some rain forecasted for Monday, it appears that seasonal temperatures will continue – Yay Groundhog!!!  Winter 2011 is dead!!!  Spring has sprung!!!

That is all good because Mardi Gras is in town and we should be getting good weather for attending events and parade watching.  It’s been too cold the past couple of winters to attend the evening parades in Fairhope which are the best in the area.  There is a lot planned here at the Plantation as well so we’ll have something to keep ourselves entertained over the next week and a half.

Then the countdown to departure begins.  We only have seven more weeks to get all of our pre-travel projects completed.  Then we’ll be on the move once again.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - - 

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