Thursday, February 03, 2011

Brrrrrrr, Grrrrrrr

Today is going to be a PJ day, for sure.  The weather is calling for a “Wintry Mix” which, down here in the Southeast, means a combination of freezing rain, sleet, and just plain cold weather.  The temperatures won’t even get out of the thirties all day so, yep, today is definitely going to be a PJ day.

I’m lucky that my girl friend stayed over last night and is here to enjoy the PJ day with me.  She was up at Oh Dark One Hundred and had the coffee made before I rolled out of bed; good girl, remarkable woman.  Also, I have two little kitties to cuddle in my lap and help keep my knees nice and warm – “Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty”.  Whoops, they don’t know that they are kitties; “Come here Alex, come here Katie!!”

All I know is that we need to find a campground closer to the equator for the winter.  Lower Alabama just ain’t getting it done.  It appears that the entire United States is getting colder each winter, it must be that Global Warming “thang”.  Winter can be pretty, but it brings cold with it and neither Judy nor I do cold very well.

So, what will we do today?  Well, for one thing, we’ll both probably do some (a lot of) reading.  Judy has her Bible Study to work on and I have my Bible reading to do.  Then we might work on some of our basket weaving endeavors.  Miss Judy has a scarf to make while I have a painting that needs a few additional brush strokes added to it.  Both of us have some “paperwork” things to take care of as well.  And, as always, there’s the routine chores that need to be done. 

Sheesh, before we know it, it will be beddy bye time again and we will not have gotten everything done.  Even on a nasty “stay inside” day we have more than enough to keep us busy.  How, oh how, did we ever find time to w*rk?

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -     

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  1. Sleet? Freezing Rain? What have you done!? You must have awaken the snow demons and other such creatures and summoned them to LA. Peggy and I plan on being in Summerdale next Tuesday or Wednesday. Ya'll better exorcise those demons or there will be heck to pay!