Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Katts

Boy, are we ever enjoying this weather that is hanging around us down here on the Gulf Coast.  This is what we retreated to Rainbow Plantation for in the first place.  Finally, nice sunny warm weather so we can lounge around outside buffing up our tans.

Another significant event that took place yesterday was the arrival of Judy’s new heated mattress cover.  You turn that baby on about an hour before beddy bye time and you have a nice snuggy warm bed to slip into.  My baby woke up this morning rested with no aching bones.  We should have bought one of them thar things many moons ago.  The only thing that I can say now is, “Don’t let your home leave without it!!!”  :-)

Over the past five years of fulltiming we’ve been asked several times about where we keep our katt box.  When we sat down with the RV designer we brought our katt box with us.  We took it upstairs on the frame and set it down where we wanted it and then had them build the RV around it.  That made life a lot easier as it can be a problem to find a place to locate a katt box in most RVs.

Now, the real answer is that we have a space up in the bedroom between the end of the dresser and the wall that separates the bedroom from the bathroom where a large covered katt box just slides in.  Other friends have placed the katt box in the clothes closet and leave the door open just enough for kitty to gain access.  Then another solution that we have heard of is placing the katt box between the recliners under a small table and draping a table cloth over it.  “They” do make nice looking furniture that houses a katt box, however, the key is to find room enough to place it in your livingroom.

Further, speaking of katts, we feed our babies premium katt food with no by-products or glutens (Blue Spa for indoor katts by Blue Buffalo).  Also, we use bottled water when traveling away from Rainbow Plantation.  We are going to upgrade our drinking water filtration system this spring to eliminate the need for bottled water.  Those efforts help to minimize katt box odors as well as maintaining happy kitties.

I’m not sure exactly what’s up for me today.  I guess I’ll have to consult the “Ol’ Ta Do List” to get my marching orders.  Judy and nineteen other women from the quilting group are heading for Pensacola to rampage and pillage a couple fabric stores – Lord have mercy!!!

God Bless Until Next Time - - - - - -


  1. I.M. and I debated some time whether to replace our electric blanket, which I tried to use with the inverter and the controls went up in smoke, with another or go with the heated mattress cover. We went with what we knew, but your post is me making wonder whether we went the wrong way. Why the Mattress pad vs the electric blanket, if you even considered the blanket?. We had to look for weeks to even find a store that carried the electric blankets down here.
    Just discovered your blog from a link at Mothership RV, which I have also just begun to read. I am enjoying both very much.
    Nilda Vayne

  2. Hi Katts,
    I thought your folks had you on "Taste Of The Wild". Now I see you are on Blue Spa for Indoor Katts by Blue Buffalo.
    Do you like it better?
    Happy Trails, and Tails, "Patches" and "Prime", foster cats of Penny, TX

  3. Hi Penny,

    We love "Taste of Wild" katt food, however, it was upsetting our little tummies and giving us diarrhea - just too rich for us kitties. So the search was on for another food with no by-products or glutens. Blue Spa filled the bill, it's not as yummy as Taste of Wild, but no more tummy aches - that's the katt's meow!!