Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Finally we did something else besides hangout at the Plantation.  Yesterday we (Mike, Peggy, Judy, and I) drove over to Gulf Islands National Seashore.   

On our way to the National Seashore, we stopped at one of the beaches in the Alabama Gulf State Park which was just on the east side of the bridge crossing the channel that leads into Bayou Saint John.

Boardwalk On Perdido Beach

Leave it to a Mainer to find a rocky shoreline right in the midst of a sandy beach.

Finally, A Rocky Beach Now I Feel At Home

Peggy and I managed to get our feet wet in the refreshing 55* water, however, we had to be careful that the tar balls didn’t get us.  There were signs and workers all along the beach warning about tar balls – we didn’t see any.

Peggy "Fixinto" Get Her Feet Wet

We continued onto the National Seashore and toured the Perdido Key Area which is just over the Alabama/Florida border.  The Seashore is divided up into two districts – the Florida district and the Mississippi District.  Their claim to fame is the world’s whitest beaches.  While there, we walked the Perdido Key Discovery Trail where we stumbled onto an osprey sunning himself at the top of a dead tree.


Our friends in the north county have been having a lot of fun in the cold weather while plowing snow.  Well, here we are in the 70’s and plowing sand.

Almost Looks Like Snow Sand Drift

Here’s Mike and Peggy relaxing along the trail.  Mikee says, “Feed Me!”  So we made our way to Bubba’s Seafood House.  Doesn’t hold a candle to Big Daddy’s though – IMO!!!

Peggy And Mike Bubba's Seafood House

We ended our outing with a stop at the Orange Beach Waterfront Park.  A real pretty serene place with great views across Wolf Bay.

Orange Beach Waterfront Park Pier At Orange Beach Waterfront Park

After returning home we spent another quiet evening of reading and relaxing before turning in for the night.  Here’s a final picture of my bride enjoying her day out.

My Bride At Gulf Island National Seashore

May the Good Lord Bless You And Keep You Until Next Time - - - - - -  

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