Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Weight Reduction And The Arrival

Another day, another walk.  Yep, we’re doing better about getting out for our daily walk.  We need to keep it up.  Also, we are eating good food, now all we have to do is adjust the serving sizes (downward that is).  Maybe, just maybe, we can drop a few pounds, but don’t hold your breath.  The economy will probably do more to help us lose weight than anything.  Between the rising prices and the incredible shrinking products we’ll be cutting back our portion sizes alright.

Anywhoo, it feels good to be out and getting some exercise.  We have become sort of, kind of slugs.  I have probably read thirty books in the past three months and that requires logging in a lot of recliner time.  Good for the brain and staving off dementia, but not so good for the muscles and staving off heart disease.

Yesterday I donated my Total Gym to the clubhouse.  To use it on our site, I would either have to set it up each time or leave it outside under a tarp.  The thought is that once it is set up in the clubhouse I might just go and visit it once in a while. 

They, also, have a nice Nordic Track elliptical over there as well.  Now all I have to do is muster up enough energy to waddle my pudgy little body over there and spend twenty minutes on the elliptical followed by some upper and lower body exercises on the Total Gym then my “girlie figure” just might reappear.  The missus (and my doctor) wants me to be 99% fat free.  So between the economy and the exercise room at the clubhouse I just might be able to get a start on working on that goal.

Well, they did!!  Mikee put the peddle to the meddle and Winne broke the Snow Barrier.  Today Mike and Peggy will point Winne in the direction of Rainbow Plantation – Yay Team!!!  They have been in search of the Fountain of Warmth and by week’s end will have discovered it; at least it will be the Fountain of Warmth to them (we are still looking for it – thinner blood, ya know).  We’re looking forward to seeing them once again and will have the traditional travel day dinner on the stove awaiting their arrival.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - -

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