Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Winter Is Over (Almost)

A sigh of relief goes up from the northeastern states.  It seems that Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, therefore winter will end tomorrow (or the day after).  Not soon enough for our friends locked away in the Maine Winter Snow Prison. 

Mike and Peggy are screaming “Uncle”.  As many of you know, they  had to return to Maine due to the death of a close friend.  Now they are trapped in the Maine Winter System Prison again while Winne sits in the driveway with her tailpipe between her tires.  The mean ol’ Wicked Witch of the Northwest has sent so many Snow Demons to the northeast that things are looking mighty bleak for our part time fulltime RVing friends.  Peggy is asking for all of their friends down here in the Southern parts to send the Fairy God Mother of the South Wind to their rescue. 

Mikee has his hack saw in hand and is looking for his snow chains for Winne so that they make a Prison break and attempt another escape from the clutches of the Maine Winter.  However, the Maine Snow Prison Warden is keeping a close eye on them since they already escaped once.  This time, if they get free again, I’m sure they’ll make a direct run toward the southeast without lingering long in Snow Country; after all, Enuf is Enuf already!!!!!  May the Force Be With You, Mike and Peggy.  You can check out their progress on their blog Maineiacs In Motion.

Speaking of winter storms, we down here in Lower Alabama dodged another bullet.  This huge storm moving from west to east passed over us with only a few thunder showers that lasted a couple of hours.  It was overcast for most of the day yesterday, but the temperatures stayed in the high 60’s.  However, the storm did leave cooler weather behind as it passed over with temps in the high 40’s for today.  At least we’re not shoveling any “Partly Cloudy” out of our driveways.

Judy and I finished off yesterday by going to the Social Hour, having dinner, and watching some television.  I couldn’t seem to get to sleep last night so I got up and watched The Joy Of Painting with Bob Ross which was on at 11:30.  I finally dozed off around one o’clock.

What’s up for today?  Not sure but we’ll think of something – we don’t lack for things to do.  If you’re bored while here at Rainbow Plantation then it’s your fault.  We have fifty some odds events going on every week at the clubhouse plus the Ol’ Ta Do List.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -   

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